Four Ways to Recession-Proof Your Career

Temp Agency in Georgia Shares 4 Tips on How to Recession Proof Your Career

Are you a job seeker struggling to stay competitive in the workforce? In this uncertain job market, it’s become paramount to prioritize your professional life and focus on recession-proofing your career. According to Forbes, a recession is a prime time to invest in your career growth within your current company or independently. There are steps you can take to “recession-proof” your career and pave the way for tremendous professional success. And, while making your career recession-proof doesn’t happen overnight, a sustained effort to build your expertise, knowledge, and skills will pay off in dividends in the months and years to come. Here are four ways to start recession-proofing your career:


1) Job seekers should conduct a self-audit.

As a job seeker, conducting a self-assessment and reflecting on your current skills and abilities is important. Developing a strong understanding of your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to formulate a career plan that results in long-term success and professional development. By assessing the status of your career and goals, you’ll give yourself a chance to make meaningful changes that allow you to advance and elevate yourself within your company and future employers. Along these lines, you can also evaluate your resume and digital presence, including your social media profiles. Updating your resume and online profiles to showcase your expertise will play a major role in helping you remain competitive in your respective industry while opening doors to newer, lucrative opportunities. This is key to keeping your career recession-proof, as maintaining a robust digital presence will ensure you stay on the radar of employers and hiring managers. As you self-reflect, you’ll be reminded of the value you bring to the table – and the more others will also recognize your value.


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2) Be proactive: Start building your skills.

Active skill-building is a significant part of recession-proofing your career – especially as you transition to different jobs or industries. Professionals with a wide array of soft skills and transferable skills tend to have the most success in the current job market, easily adapting to various jobs to meet companies’ evolving demands. You can proactively build your skills in many ways – including taking advantage of an employer’s onsite training programs; accepting guidance and advice from a mentor; and participating in continuing education or online courses. Taking control of your professional development will set the stage for more job opportunities and increased earning potential. A commitment to skill-building will also demonstrate to your current employer (and future employers) that you care deeply about your professional growth and want to excel in your career. Soft and transferable skills are two of the most important skill sets for today’s ever-changing workforce. Soft skills include interpersonal abilities, such as communication, conflict resolution, time management, customer service, and leadership. Along similar lines, many soft skills are also transferable skills that can be easily applied to various workplace settings and industries. Identifying the skills you may be lacking – and putting a plan into action to build upon these areas – will make you more marketable and appealing to employers. By developing these skills, you’ll position yourself as an indispensable employee who can contribute to an organization in many invaluable ways.


3) Build relationships and expand your network.

Relationship-building is often considered the hallmark of career success, especially as you seek new employment opportunities in your industry. Regularly building relationships and expanding your network is integral to your ability to secure new jobs and gain traction with employers looking to grow their workforce. In many ways, your network is considered your “social capital” and can heavily influence your job prospects and your marketability in your industry. The quality of your network can sometimes even make or break your chances of landing a new job. Building positive relationships among coworkers, managers, and others in your industry is essential for effective networking and relationship development. Taking time to network is especially crucial if you work remotely and don’t experience regular face-to-face interactions. Connecting offline with coworkers and meeting with new people (even if it’s for a “virtual coffee”) will allow you to build upon your existing relationships while connecting with new individuals. You’ll often discover that new relationships turn into incredible mentorship and learning opportunities in which you experience personal and professional growth. The result? Your network may very well be your ticket to rapid career acceleration.


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4) Job seekers should stay alert.

As a job seeker in the current market, it’s critical to stay alert to new developments and trends in your industry. Becoming “too comfortable” can stunt your growth and cause you to miss out on opportunities that ultimately detract from your career progression. Staying current with the latest happenings in your industry will ensure you are educated about your field and know to keep yourself competitive among other candidates. However, staying alert does not necessarily mean you should job-hop and keep diverting your attention to different employers. It simply means you should be vigilant in your development, making an effort to continually take advantage of new opportunities to acquire new skills and enhance your career at large.


What jobs are typically recession-proof?

If you’re just starting your career or interested in transitioning to a new career path, many industries tend to naturally be more recession-proof, including the accounting, legal, medical, and IT industries. As you explore new options, you may be surprised to learn about temp and temp-to-hire jobs that allow you to enter a new field. From competitive salaries to flexible scheduling, there’s never been a better time to embark on a recession-proof career that will improve your quality of life.


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