Is It Time to Reskill Yourself? Let’s Find Out.

Shifting work environments and evolving technology are quickly changing jobs as we know them. Rather than worrying about what might happen, you can begin future-proofing your career now. Is it time to reskill yourself? Let’s find out.

Why You Should Reskill Yourself

  • Job Security
    Ultimately, the more you know, the more valuable you are to your employer. Even skills indirectly related to your position can be extremely useful. Often, when companies are making cuts, they combine positions. So, being able to successfully tackle multiple roles means you’re less likely to be laid off and more likely to earn a promotion.
  • Flexibility
    In our current economy, we should expect the unexpected. You thought your job was secure until it wasn’t. The more talents you have, the faster you’ll be to find a new position. Potential employers will not only be impressed by your wide-ranging skill set, but also by your commitment to life-long learning.

How to Reskill Yourself

  • Ask, “What Do I Want to Learn?”
    First, you need to figure out what new skills you want to master. Try to focus on either career-related and/or transferable skills. For instance, skills like computer competencies, public speaking, basic coding, graphic design, and data analysis could be valuable in a variety of industries. Also, look for something you find interesting. After all, you’ll have trouble staying focused if you find the topic boring from the start.
  • Decide How to Master New Skills
    Once you know what you want to learn, you need to figure out how to learn it. Luckily, the Internet provides lots of opportunities ranging from YouTube videos to dedicated education websites like Khan Academy. If you work better in more structured situations, sites like edX, Udemy and Coursera offer complete courses. Other learning options include reading books, taking part in mentorship programs or on-the-job training and returning to school to earn a certification or a degree.
  • Set Goals and Track Your Progress
    So, you’ve decided to reskill yourself. You have good intentions, but then you get distracted. And, the next thing you know, that $19.99 online learning subscription just expired. Oh no! If this scenario sounds familiar, it’s time to set goals. Start by writing down your overreaching stretch goal. For example, “Complete an online certification course.” Then, break this task into smaller parts, such as, “Study one hour each day and take the test at the end of the month.” Post your goal and your sub-goals somewhere you will see them every morning. Then, track your progress. If you still can’t seem to stay motivated, consider using rewards (something fun) or consequences (no TV) to keep yourself honest.


Are You Ready to Reskill Yourself and Future-Proof Your Career?

If you’re looking for a job that both challenges you and expands your skillset, BOS Staffing is here to help. Our recruiters place talented people with top companies in Gainesville, Georgia and beyond. Learn more about the advantages of job hunting with us today!

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