The Right People Make All the Difference

At BOS Staffing, we make sure every candidate is the right fit, has the right talents and is ready and eager to work.

Build a Better Team

We can help. With BOS you get the flexibility of temporary help, the confidence of hiring through our temp-to-hire program, and the ease of choosing from only the most qualified candidates for key positions. You’ll be free to concentrate on activities that drive revenue and keep your business operating smoothly.

What sets BOS Staffing apart?


We specialize in office & professional, skilled manufacturing, technical, IT, medical office, call center and legal support positions.


When you work with BOS you can be assured that you are working with talented, expert recruiters who are Certified Staffing Professionals.


The BOS web portal gives you 24/7 direct access to our system to enter orders, review candidate resumes, approve timecards and more. On-site time-keeping solutions give real-time access to attendance and workforce cost data.


Our Staffing Assessment Center allows us to conduct nationally quantified skills assessments to ensure the best fit for each position.

Local Knowledge

We have offices throughout Georgia, so if you need a recruitment agency in Athens, GA, a recruitment agency in Gainesville, a GA recruitment agency in Atlanta, GA or any of our other locations throughout the region, you’ll be working with a professional who understands the local market. They will have a network of the most in-demand candidates and insight into competitive compensation rates and the perks that can attract top candidates.

Our Services


This option provides a transition period to test the fit of your new hire. After this period, you may offer permanent employment or decide to request a replacement associate. You get to "test drive" the relationship and if you're not happy, we'll find another candidate for you.

Professional Recruiting

Take a shortcut to the best candidate for your permanent position. BOS Staffing can advertise the position, screen applications and interview candidates. We’ll narrow the field; check their backgrounds and references to find the best talent. You’ll talk to only the cream of the crop.

Temporary Employment

Vacations, leaves of absence, special projects, or your seasonal rush. Any time you need temporary help, BOS Staffing can deliver skilled staff. Office call center staff, accounting, IT or light industrial, we provide the people you need for a one-day fill-in or a long-term project.


Getting bogged down managing your large temporary workforce? BOS can send an on-site coordinator to take care of all the headaches of day-to-day administrative and management tasks. Scheduling, payroll, workload balancing – we’ve got this. You relax and take care of business.

Payroll Services

Small businesses can reduce your employee headcount by allowing BOS to payroll some of your employees. Keeping headcount below 50 full-time employees can help you reduce insurance and payroll costs. Our experienced professionals will handle the payroll, taxes, workers' compensation insurance, etc., allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Safety Training

Keep your facility safe and compliant. BOS can provide training for a wide range of common workplace safety issues. Reduce the expense and downtime that on-the-job injuries can cost. Let us set up a custom training program to meet the specific needs of your work site.

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