Are Temporary Jobs Good?

Most job seekers would prefer a full-time, permanent position over a temporary role. However, what if… you’re having trouble finding work? Are temporary jobs good? The correct answer depends. Here’s a brief overview.

Pros of Temporary Jobs

  • You Can Avoid Employment Gaps
    Although people take time off for a variety of reasons, ultimately, “an employment gap is a red flag for an employer.” (The Balances Careers, 2019) Of course, this isn’t fair, but it’s true. Luckily, temporary jobs allow you to fill those gaps. Plus, working through a less-than-ideal situation makes you look like a go-getter. And that’s exactly the type of person organizations want on their team.
  • You Can Advance Your Career
    Temporary jobs improve your resume AND build your career. Not only will you gain valuable on-the-job experience but also, many companies provide training opportunities for their temporary staff. In fact, some organizations offer temp-to-hire options. So, often there’s a chance you could end up with a full-time job.
  • You Can Expand Your Network
    Temping also gives you the chance to meet new people. And the more people you know, the more likely someone will be able to connect you with a job. In addition, your temporary managers may be willing to serve as references for your ongoing job search.
  • You Can Experiment with Different Possibilities
    If you’re not sure exactly what type of job is right for you, temping is a fantastic way to test the waters. This especially holds true for recent grads or career changers. Since most assignments are short term, you won’t have to worry about getting stuck in the wrong place.
  • You Can Earn Extra Income
    In many cases, temporary positions pay more than your unemployment benefits. Furthermore, if you’re working with a staffing agency, a recruiter will continue your job search while you’re making money. Some people work seasonal, part-time temp jobs simply to earn extra spending cash too. For example, a college student may take a summer landscaping job, or a stay-at-home parent may work night-time customer service during the holidays.

Cons of Temporary Jobs

  • Your Assignment May End Unexpectedly
    As the name suggests, temporary jobs are temporary. Therefore, you may report to work one day and find the company doesn’t need you. Due to recent fluctuations in demand and COVID-19 lockdowns, many organizations are relying on temporary workforces during the pandemic. It’s easier to let temps go than deal with layoffs. Fortunately, if you’ve partnered with a staffing agency, your recruiter will continue to match you up with new opportunities.
  • Most Temporary Jobs Don’t Include Benefits
    Usually, temp jobs don’t provide health insurance or retirement plans. As a contract worker, you aren’t considered a regular employee. But if you’re working through a staffing agency, you ARE an employee of that agency. As a result, you may be eligible for benefits even though you are carrying out assignments at various businesses.


Are You Looking for a Good Temporary Job?

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