How To Earn Good Money with a Staffing Agency

If you’re working with or planning to work with a staffing firm, you may have heard someone comment, “You’ll make less money than if you found a job on your own.” Although many people believe this statement, often it isn’t true. Here’s how you can earn good money with a staffing agency.

Let Your Recruiter Know Your Income Expectations

You probably have an idea of how much money you would like to make. (Be realistic, of course.) And, you can use salary calculators and average pay data to compare yourself to others in your industry. Keep in mind, rates vary depending on experience, skillset, and location. Before you start searching for a position, take the time to estimate your worth. Then, discuss this information with your recruiter. They can let you know what’s possible, so you can discover the best-fit and the best-paying option.

Look for Career Building Opportunities

Usually, more experience + more knowledge = more pay. If you are temping or doing contract work, search for assignments that will allow you to expand your skillset and gain new perspectives. This will make you more valuable to any employer, and as a result, increase your earning potential

Take Advantage of Free Expert Advice

Recruiters find people jobs day in and day out. Therefore, they know current market trends and salary rates. They can help you calculate your worth, match you to top-paying jobs and offer income-building career advice. Plus, since staffing services charge companies not job seekers, you can receive all this advice for free.

Ask for Negotiation Tips

Especially if you are seeking a full-time, permanent position, let your recruiter know you are willing to negotiate your salary. When a staffing firm makes a direct placement, most companies pay a fee based on that employee’s first year earnings. In other words, the more money you make, the more money the recruiter makes. It’s in both your best interests to land the highest-paying deal.

Partner with the Right Agency

As with all businesses, some staffing services have a reputation for paying more than others. Before you commit, do some research. Read online reviews, look at testimonials and visit a few different staffing offices. Working with the right recruiter and the right firm can be the key to your success.


Are You Ready to Earn Good Money with a Staffing Agency?

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