Earning Extra Cash For Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday is almost here. If you are worried about those upcoming holiday bills, take a deep breath. Did you know one of the best ways to cover seasonal expenses is by earning extra cash?

But, how is this possible? If you aren’t sure where to start, begin by answering these questions.

  1. Could You Handle a Second Job?

    Bringing in an extra $1,500 during the month of December sounds amazing. However, if you’re working 80+ hours a week, you may be too exhausted to enjoy your earnings. Figure out what you can reasonably manage. And, discuss your decision with the other members of your household since you’ll need their support. You may discover the additional hours are challenging but doable. After all, this crazy schedule only lasts a few months. Plus, many people enjoy temporary positions because they are a fun change of pace from their regular jobs.

  2. Where Would You Like to Work?

    So, you think a seasonal role might be right for you? How do you find one? Fortunately, lots of businesses add extra staff for the holiday rush. Start your search in the early fall since most companies complete their hiring by mid-November or sooner. Watch for Help Wanted signs throughout your community. Many retailers, restaurants, and hotels advertise in their windows or parking lots. Also, check out delivery services, like UPS, Instacart and DoorDash, ridesharing companies and warehouses. Look for open positions either on corporate websites, through job boards or on social media.

  3. Have You Connected with Your Local Staffing Agency?

    If you can’t seem to discover the best-fit or if you would like some help finding a seasonal position, contact your local employment agency. Let your recruiter know 1) what type of work you would like and 2) your available hours. Then, they will do the searching for you free of charge. As a bonus, staffing agencies may be able to provide you with opportunities to grow your career. For example, if you would like to advance as an administrative assistant, a temporary job as a call center professional will look fantastic on your resume. Similarly, working the busy season in a warehouse could make you better qualified for a higher-paying light industrial role.

Are You Interested in Earning Extra Cash During This Holiday Season?

BOS Staffing places energetic employees with top companies in the Atlanta area. Search our temporary openings and give us a call. Our professional recruiters would be happy to match you with a job that gives you the holiday cash you need.

Are you looking to earn extra holiday cash? Apply for a job today!

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