Should You Hire From Within? Maybe Not!

Your company has an open position. Should you hire from within? Maybe not. Here are six reasons why you may want to consider bringing in a candidate from outside your organization.

You Are Searching for a Specific Skill Set

Some jobs require extensive technical knowledge or leadership expertise. And although you are proud of your team, your talent pool only goes so deep. You may not have a person on staff who meets all the qualifications for a given position. In these cases, it’s better to hire externally rather than to promote a current employee who doesn’t quite fit the bill.

You Wish to Avoid The Peter Principle

Laurence J. Peter coined The Peter Principle in 1968 when he stated, “In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.” In other words, employees who receive multiple promotions may end up overwhelmed by their jobs. Recent research suggests this theory holds true especially when companies move top performers into management positions.

You Need to Find the Best Person for the Job

When you limit your search to current employees, you may miss out on your next superstar. After all, an external candidate may have more experience, stronger credentials, and a better track record. Many times, your best bet is to look both inside and outside your organization. This allows you to compare all the options. And, if an internal candidate IS the best choice, you’ll feel more confident in your decision.

You Could Use a Fresh Perspective

Even the most creative employees can get stuck in “this is the way we’ll always do things around here.” When someone from another company joins your team, they may be quicker to identify potential problems and opportunities. In addition, they can bring knowledge and tactics from their previous positions. Then, you can leverage this information to give your business a competitive edge.

You Are Hoping to Improve Workplace Diversity

Inviting outsiders to join your business is a smart way to increase the diversity of your team. Of course, to be successful, you may need to utilize more innovative recruiting tactics. For example, try using extensive networking in place of referrals or a more widespread advertising initiative in place of local Help Wanted ads.

You Want to Help Your Current Employees Grow

If promotions are automatic, your employees may become complacent. Done correctly, external hiring can encourage healthy competition and inspire your current workforce to excel. Also, outsiders can serve as a valuable resource for your internal team. They may provide suggestions for professional development, motivate your current staff to try out new things and even act as mentors.


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