How to Motivate a Bored Team

Do your employees seem tired, distracted, unfocused or disengaged? Boredom may be to blame. Follow these five tips to bring excitement and energy back to the workplace.

  1. Give the Job Meaning

    According to former SVP of People Operations at Google Laszlo Bock, “We all want our work to matter. Nothing is a more powerful motivator than to know that you are making a difference in the world.” However, sometimes in the daily grind, we forget WHY our jobs are important. Remind your employees how your organization helps people lead better lives. Give a pep talk, send out an inspirational email or, better yet, share testimonials from happy customers.

  2. Switch Things Up

    As the old expression goes, variety is the spice of life. Even if someone loves their job, completing the exact same tasks day in and day out eventually becomes dull. Look for ways to positively challenge your employees. Give out stretch assignments, suggest new initiatives and require people to spend time in different departments. These strategies not only combat complacency, but also push your people and your business to grow.

  3. Build off Their Ideas

    Most bosses want to hire innovative individuals. But when was the last time you asked your team for their input? Workers who feel as though they are actively contributing to a company will be more interested and engaged. To design a successful program, make employee suggestions an integral part of your culture. And, don’t forget to give frequent reminders. Simply saying, “Let me know if you have any suggestions,” once or twice a year isn’t enough.

  4. Automate Repetitive Tasks

    Monotonous chores, such as stuffing envelopes or collecting customer data, can be mind-numbing for anyone. Fortunately, modern technology has eliminated many of these tedious jobs. Although you’ll need to make an upfront investment to purchase the necessary machines and/or software, the long-term gains will be worth the cost. You’ll have happier employees who can focus their talents on more important aspects of the business.

  5. Consider Gamification

    Despite all your best efforts, some parts of a job will be unexciting and repetitive. When your team is facing one of those assignments, try turning work into a game. Gamification uses point-scoring, progress bars and internal competition to make difficult chores more fun.


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