Can You Afford to Hold Out for a Better Candidate?

Because the quality of your employees determines the success of your organization, the hiring process should be your most important process.  And even in a highly competitive job market, finding the perfect candidate can be challenging.  Even though you’ve received hundreds of resumes, none of them have really grabbed your attention.  You know some of the applicants may be a good fit, but aren’t sure if any of them will be a great fit.

5 Ways to Determine if a Job Candidate is Right For Your Organization

Confront Your Hiring Assumptions.
Most employers look through a stack of applications and only pull out the resumes that have experience and skills that are directly relevant to the job description.  The issue with this process is that mediocre candidates with all the right keywords and relevant experience automatically get a pass while extraordinary candidates lacking a one-to-one match get thrown into the rejection pile.  Because you’re focusing too narrowly on your company’s needs, you might miss a candidate that has a lot of “raw talent” to really excel at the position.  While that person may need extra training initially, their intelligence, drive, and general competency will surpass a mediocre candidate in no time.

Decide Which Qualities are Must Haves.
To avoid the bias of hiring assumptions, sit down with your hiring team and make a “wish list” of the qualities you’re looking for in a candidate.  The reason you may not be excited about any of your current applicants is that you don’t know what to be excited about.  Your wish list will give you a more concrete understanding of what you desire in a candidate and having it written down will hold all members of the hiring committee accountable.  During an interview if you find there isn’t enough in common between the candidate you are speaking to and your dream hire, you’ll feel much more comfortable holding out for a better applicant.

Determine the Organization’s Needs.
Does the company need to hire someone right away?  What does the candidate need to know immediately, and what can be added later through training?  Focusing on what the organization needs most immediately to sustain the workload will help you decide if you need to choose from one of the applicants at hand or if you should continue your search for the perfect applicant. 

Take into Account Training and Retention.
Sometimes it is difficult to find even mediocre matches for every open position.  Bad location, a labor shortage, or the need for specialized technical skills can limit your number of hiring options.  If competition is fierce in your local market, you may benefit more from hiring competent individuals for your positions, rather than holding out for only the best applicant.  You should also focus on training and retaining the employees you have, rather than waiting for a new hire to meet all of your needs.

Decide to Hunt Rather than Gather.
Gathering candidates means doing more than posting to a job board and waiting for applications to fill your inbox.  Though it is less expensive than “hunting” for your applicants, it often takes much longer to gain a quality pool of applicants.  Hunt for candidates using a recruiting or staffing service, and the quality of the applicant pool will improve significantly.  A staffing partner excels in hunting and gathering and can be a great resource to save time without sacrificing quality. 

At BOS Staffing, we understand how important hiring the right staff in Bogart, GA is.  So we make sure that the candidates you see are the right fit, have the right talents, and are ready and eager to work.  When you work with BOS you can be assured that you are working with talented, professional recruiters with the experience to deliver the right person for every position.  Contact our experienced team of recruiting specialists and see how we can provide the right solutions for your organization.

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