Finding a Job “Near Me”

A long commute is not only time-consuming but also physically and mentally exhausting. So, would you like to shorten your ride to work? Here’s how to find a job “Near Me”.


What’s Are the Costs of a Long Commute?

If you feel like your commute is killing you, you may be right. Drawbacks to a long commute include:

  • Money
    Especially with rising gas prices, commuting has become even more expensive. And if you rely on public transportation, that can be pricey too. Estimates for the average commute range anywhere from $2,000 and up per year. To get an idea of how much you spend, check out this Commute Cost Calculator.
  • Time
    Let’s say your round-trip commute takes 1 hour a day. That’s 5 hours per week, and after subtracting a two-week vacation, 50 weeks x 5 = 250 hours annually. And, if you do the math, 250 hours adds up to just over 10 days per year! Just think what you could do if you could earn that time back?
  • Health
    Interestingly, studies suggest a short ride to work may be beneficial. However, longer commutes are tied to a host of health issues including anxiety, depression, and poor heart health. Researchers believe these negative impacts are due to higher stress levels as well as a more sedentary lifestyle. After all, it’s difficult to fit in exercise, if you’ve spent 8 hours at work and another 2 in the car.


How Can I Find a Job “Near Me”?

You’re convinced. You want to shorten your ride to work. So, where should you start?

  • Watch for Help Wanted Signs
    Especially during COVID, you’ve probably noticed “Help Wanted” signs popping up in your neighborhood. In the past, mostly restaurants and retail stores advertised this way, but now other businesses are too. As you’re driving about, look around. Is there somewhere you might like to work? If so, drop by and introduce yourself.
  • Search Online
    Most job boards give you the option to search by both title AND location. You should be able to specify city, zip code, and/or radius. For example, you could look for an “administrative assistant” role near “Duluth, Georgia”.
  • Partner with a Recruiter
    If you want to take your job hunt to the next level, consider partnering with a recruiter or employment agency. These job-hunting professionals will help you find the right job in the right location. Plus, they can provide insights into other key factors such as benefits packages, corporate culture, and opportunities for career advancement. And, as a bonus, since recruiters charge businesses not candidates, you’ll receive all these services for FREE. This means you’ll have an easier, faster, and more effective job search at NO cost to you.


Are You Ready to Shorten Your Commute?

BOS Staffing Services would be happy to match you with a job closer to home. Our recruiters place office staff, skilled manufacturers, IT support, call-center representatives, and other professionals throughout the greater Atlanta region. Learn more about how BOS can simplify your job search today!

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