Is It Expensive to Find a Job with a Staffing Agency?

You’d like to find a job through a staffing agency. So, will it be expensive? Nope. It’s FREE. In fact, placement services are just one of the perks employment agencies offer job seekers. Here’s what you need to know.

What Do Staffing Agencies Do?

Staffing agencies act as a middleman between employees and employers to make the hiring process more efficient. They match candidates with jobs and companies with workers. As a result, job seekers find employment faster and businesses save money on recruiting costs.

Do They Charge Job Seekers?

No! Reputable staffing firms, employment agencies, and recruiters provide FREE placements to job seekers. You simply submit your resume or application, and they’ll automatically connect you with appropriate positions. You pay $0 whether you accept or reject a position.

What Other Services Do They Provide?

Most staffing firms not only job hunt for you but also provide additional services at no charge. For example, they may offer resume reviews, interview coaching, post-interview feedback, salary negotiation assistance, and more. These free support services are one of the top benefits of partnering with an agency.

What Jobs Do Staffing Agencies Fill?

You can find all types of jobs through a staffing firm. Although many people associate employment agencies with temporary or temp-to-hire positions, this is just part of their business model. Most firms place permanent, full-time employees as well as part-time, contract workers. However, some agencies specialize in a certain industry or field. For instance, they may focus on hiring healthcare and medical professionals or executive-level candidates.

How Do They Make Money?

This is a fair question. If staffing firms don’t charge job seekers, then how DO they make money. The answer is simple. Employment agencies charge businesses. This usually works in one of two ways. With temporary workers, staffing firms set an hourly wage plus a markup. Let’s say the worker makes $15. If the markup is 20% the business pays $18, and the agency collects $3. With permanent placements, businesses pay a flat fee. Often this is a percentage of the employee’s salary over a given period. Remember, this money is NOT removed from a candidate’s pay. The rate or salary you negotiate is yours to keep. Businesses pay staffing fees out of their own budgets.


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