How to Find a Better Job

You’re not happy with your current position, and you’d like to move on to something else. In other words, you need to find a better job. So, where should you begin? Start with these 3 steps.


Steps to Find a Better Job

Define “Better”

First, you must identify exactly WHAT better is. Are you looking for a less stressful role? A more positive corporate culture? Or more opportunities for career advancement? Job factors to consider may include:

  • Better Pay
  • Better Benefits
  • More Meaningful Work
  • A Different Type of Work
  • A Different/Better Job Title
  • Better Hours/Shifts
  • More/Less Responsibilities
  • More Opportunities to Be Creative
  • A Better Corporate Culture
  • Better Co-workers
  • A Different Management Style
  • A Better Working Environment
  • A Better Work-Life Balance
  • More Flexible Scheduling and/or Remote Work Options
  • A More Family-Friendly Environment
  • More Professional Development Opportunities
  • More Opportunities for Career Advancement
  • Greater Company Stability
  • A Shorter Commute
  • More Recognition

Of course, this list is not complete. Feel free to add anything else that comes to mind.


Design a Best-Case Scenario

Finding the so-called perfect job is a nearly impossible task. You need to be realistic too. Unless you’re in a unique situation, you won’t be able to work 10-hours a week and earn $100,000 per year. However, you can create a best-case scenario. Look at the list above and identify your top 5 priorities. Then, rank them from #1 (Most Important) to #5 (Less Important). For example, if the pay is #1, you may not mind working long hours in a less family-friendly environment. Whereas if a family-friendly environment is #1, you may be willing to accept less pay in exchange for more flexibility.


Launch Your Job Search

Now that you know what “Better” looks like, it’s time to launch your job hunt. Browse the job boards and look for positions that mention or emphasize your top 5 priorities. These could be phrases likes “competitive pay,” “generous benefits,” “remote options available,” “fun workplace environment” or “multiple opportunities for advancement.” Or for a power move, consider partnering with a recruiter or employment agency. You can tell them exactly WHAT you have in mind, and they will do the searching for you. This saves you time and, since recruiters know the marketplace, often produces better results. Plus, reputable recruiting firms charge businesses, not candidates. Therefore, you’ll receive all these services FREE of charge. So, brush off that resume, start practicing interview questions, and begin imagining your life in a better job.


Are You Ready to Find a Better Job?

The recruiters at BOS Staffing would be happy to help! We place skilled manufacturers, IT professionals, office staff, and more with top companies in Suwanee, Georgia, and beyond. Learn more about how our team of job-hunting experts can simplify your search today!

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