Ways to Get Your Foot in the Door

You’re looking for a job, and you may have a certain organization in mind. Unfortunately, you’re not getting anywhere. So, what can you do? Here’s how to get your foot in the door.


Get Your Foot in the Door at a Company By…

Interacting on Social Media

Often job postings attract hundreds of applicants, and your resume might get lost in the shuffle. However, you may have better luck interacting with businesses on social media. Especially if there’s a place where you would like to work, follow them on your favorite platforms. Then, contribute to the conversation. If the organization or an employee posts an interesting article or thought, add an insightful comment. This is a wonderful strategy to display your knowledge of and passion for your industry. And, hopefully, you’ll be able to catch the attention of someone who works there. Nevertheless, be cautious. There is a fine line between being enthusiastic and being annoying. Start with only a few comments per month. If you can’t seem to build any rapport, don’t belabor the point. That’s probably a sign you need to consider another tactic or another company.


Activating Your Network

When you know someone at a business, use this to your advantage. A 2020 report showed referrals were 4 times more likely to be hired. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t have a direct link to an organization. Yet, chances are, you know someone who knows someone who works there. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to uncover potential contacts. You could either search for connections by organization or through your alumni network. If a friend of yours knows someone who works at your dream company, ask for an introduction. Or, if you’re comfortable, introduce yourself. Just be careful not to be pushy. In fact, express your interest in applying at their company after you’ve established a relationship. Also, ask for advice NOT favors. Once again, if the person doesn’t seem excited to help you, don’t keep bothering them. Simply, move on to another opportunity.


Temping or Contracting

Many businesses hire temporary or contract workers, and usually, the hiring process is less competitive and less rigorous. Therefore, this is one of the best ways for you to get your foot in the door. You can show the organization what a great employee you are, and this could turn into a full-time placement. To discover these types of positions, search the job boards or contact a local employment agency. The recruiters at an employment agency will be able to match you with both best-fit jobs and best-fit companies. In fact, they may even find you a temporary-to-permanent or permanent role. And, as a bonus, these services are FREE for job seekers. Since employment agencies charge businesses not individuals, you’ll pay $0 regardless of whether you accept a position or not.


Are You Ready to Get Your Foot in the Door?

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