Types of Jobs That Have Flexible Hours

Many people who worked from home during the pandemic discovered they loved the flexibility. So, would you like to have a less traditional, less structured schedule? Here are several types of jobs that have flexible hours.


Jobs That Have Flexible Hours

  • Customer Service Representative
    Customer service representatives work with customers over the phone or through an online portal. They answer questions, address concerns and provide helpful solutions to problems. Since call centers operate anywhere from 8 to 24 hours per day, representatives often may choose between multiple shifts. Additionally, many companies will give employees a laptop and let them work from home.
  • Data Entry Specialist
    A data entry specialist enters information into a computer system. This data could be anything from medical records to financial information. Sometimes, businesses have a certain amount of work they need to be done. In these cases, data entry specialists may be able to set their own hours so long as they hit pre-established deadlines. Working from home may be a possibility also.
  • Warehouse Associate
    Warehouse associates unload stock, pick orders, pack boxes, track inventory and operate machinery. Although warehouse associates have assigned hours and work on-site, there’s lots of flexibility with scheduling. With the current storage of warehouse employees, many companies are allowing candidates to select their own schedules. For instance, someone could work 20 hours per week, mornings only, or 40+ hours per week second shift.


Ways to Make Your Current Job More Flexible

What if you already have a job that’s not very flexible? That’s OK. With a bit of creativity, you may be able to create a less rigid schedule.

  • Consider Different Shifts
    If 9 to 5 doesn’t fit your lifestyle, try a second or third-shift job. Especially if you’re a night owl, this non-traditional schedule offers numerous benefits. It’s easier to run errands and go to appointments during the day. Plus, you’ll probably have a less time-consuming commute. Some working parents even coordinate different shifts to reduce their childcare costs.
  • Negotiate for Remote Options
    After the 2020 lockdowns, lots of organizations are more open to remote options than ever before. Working from home not only eliminates your commute but also gives you’re the freedom to tackle chores during the day. Rather than sitting in the breakroom during your lunch hour, you could do laundry, prep dinner, or walk the dog. If you’re not sure how to negotiate this change, use these tips to convince your boss to let you work remotely.
  • Ask About Compressed Workweeks
    Instead of reporting for five, 8-hour days, compressed workweeks squeeze your hours into fewer days. For example, you could report for four, 10-hour days or three, 12-hour days. Compressed schedules reduce commute times and provide extra whole days off. However, some people find the longer days too grueling.


Are You Looking for a Job with Flexible Hours?

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