Jobs That Hire Without Experience

If you’re starting out or switching careers, finding an entry-level position can be tough. So, are you stuck? Absolutely not. Here are five career-building jobs that hire without experience.

Jobs Requiring Little to No Experience

Administrative Assistant

Are you organized and outgoing? Administrative assistants handle phone calls, emails, paperwork, and scheduling in offices across industries. Even though administrative assistants typically don’t need extensive on-the-job experience, knowledge of various software programs is a bonus. Such programs may include Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Suite, and email marketing platforms. Other desirable traits include strong communication skills, excellent problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and team spirit. Many administrative assistants work their way up by earning additional certifications or degrees. For example, they could pursue roles such as a medical billing specialist, a legal assistant, or an accountant.


Do you like working with your hands? Assemblers read blueprints, build finished products, identify defects, manage inventory, and more. Usually, they work in factories, manufacturing plants, or other industrial settings. Most companies provide on-the-training, but top candidates should know how to use standard tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and measurement equipment. Other desirable traits include a willingness to learn, attention to detail, communication skills, and strong problem-solving abilities. With additional training and experience, assemblers may advance to become welders, machine operators, or CNC operators.

Customer Service Representative

Do you enjoy talking to people? Customer service representatives take orders, handle complaints and answer questions. Although they often work in call centers, some companies offer remote options too. Candidates usually need to complete a brief course covering organizational policies as well as computer and phone system training. Necessary traits include strong communication skills, excellent problem-solving abilities, flexibility, and a positive attitude.

Sales Representative

Do you love making a deal? Sales representatives sell products and services thus bringing new customers and clients to an organization. They may work out of call centers, offices or retail spaces or travel to meet clients. Some businesses prefer sales representatives to have a bachelor’s degree while others accept a high school diploma or GED. Top talents include excellent communication and negotiation skills plus familiarity with customer relationship software (CRM). Many businesses offer sales representatives generous commissions. So, the more they sell the more money they make.

Warehouse Associate

Are you looking for a fast-paced, physical job? Warehouse workers pick, pack and load orders as well as unpack and process returns. They may work on an assembly line, operate equipment, and/or track inventory. Necessary skills include basic math abilities, a willingness to learn, attention to detail, and team spirit. Most warehouse jobs provide numerous opportunities for on-the-job training. Therefore, employees often advance to higher-paying positions. They could switch over to a role as a forklift driver, a machine operator, or even a manager.


Are You Searching for a Job That Hires Without Experience?

BOS Staffing is hiring administrative assistants, assemblers, customer service representatives, sales representatives, and warehouse associates throughout the Atlanta area. Plus, all these roles require little to no experience. Browse all our available openings and discover your next opportunity today!

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