How to Tell If a Job Is Right for You… Before Submitting Your Resume!

You’re searching for employment, and you’ve found an interesting job ad. So, should you apply, or will it be the wrong fit? Here’s how to tell if a job is right for you before submitting your resume.

Tips for Evaluating a Job Before Submitting Your Resume

Read the Job Description Carefully

It’s easy to skim through job postings, glance at titles and hit Apply. However, do you know what each role involves? Take the time to read through postings of interest from start to finish. Then, carefully consider the following questions:

  • Do the listed qualifications match my skills/experiences?
  • What would my responsibilities be? Would I enjoy these responsibilities?
  • Does this role match my interests/career path?
  • What’s the company’s mission? Does this fit with my values?
  • Where is the job located? Would it be a reasonable commute?
  • What would the salary/hourly rate be? Is this enough money?
  • Do they offer other benefits I would find valuable? Retirement planning? Health insurance? Flexible working arrangements? Profit sharing?

If your answers are mostly positive, then submitting your resume probably is smart idea.

Investigate the Company

Luckily, the internet makes it simpler than ever before to research an employer. Most companies have a website as well as several social media channels. Look around. Does what you read in the job description match the business’s market presence? For example, if the claim to be a “fun place to work,” do they have fun pictures posted on Facebook and Instagram? If not, this could be a red flag.

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews are another wonderful resource for job seekers. Look for customer reviews on Google (for services) and Amazon (for products) plus employer reviews on sites like Glassdoor. Of course, no business is 100% perfect. Nevertheless, you should be seeing more positive than negative comments.

Check Out Who Works There

If you and your potential employer both have a LinkedIn account, you can learn more about their employees. Just search for the company’s LinkedIn page and click “View all employees” at the top of the page. This gives you a better idea of WHO works there. Do these individuals have similar backgrounds, interests and/or ambitions as you? If not, you may be better off somewhere else.

Use Your Network

Many times, you know someone (or know someone who knows someone) who works at a company. LinkedIn and Facebook can help you uncover connections. If you do find a common link, use your network to investigate the business further. Most people would be happy to have a quick phone conversation about their workplace. And as a bonus, having a connection at an organization often moves your resume to the top of the pile.


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