What Do You Look For in a New Employer?

When you’re job hunting, you automatically check job descriptions and pay/salary rates. But, is that all that matters? If you want to find the best fit, you need to evaluate the company too. Here’s what to look for in a new employer.


Mission Statement & Values

The average American spends 90,000 at work over the course of their lifetime. That’s just over ten years. Think about how much better things would be if you loved, or even liked, your job. If you’d like to wake up excited to go to work in the morning, search for an organization that believes what you believe. Maybe you admire their products? Their mission? Or, their commitment to making the world a better place? Finding a job that inspires you will bring you long-term fulfillment and greater happiness.



As author Simon Sinek writes, “We do better in cultures in which we are good fits.” Respecting an organization is only the first step. You want to make sure their work environment coordinates with your personal style too. Ask yourself, “What does my ideal workplace look like? Large or small? Formal or casual? Traditional or innovative? Structured or free-spirited? Serious or fun-loving? Employee-focused or customer-focused?” Then, using a list, compare your dream job to the real company. Even though you’re unlikely to come across a perfect match, you should get close.


Work/Life Balance

Certainly, companies expect employees to pull their weight. However, there is a difference between working hard and being a workaholic. Search for an organization that respects your dedication to your job as well as your free time. Factors to consider include the amount of expected overtime, travel requirements, unplugging policies, number of vacation/personal days, remote work options, and flex time.


Opportunities for Growth

Although individual goals differ, ultimately, your job should be an ongoing learning experience. Throughout the interview process, ask questions about professional development, upskilling, tuition reimbursement, on-the-job feedback, and performance reviews. Also, try to coordinate your personal objectives with the possibilities at a given organization. For example, if you’re hoping to climb the corporate ladder, a larger company will probably offer more mobility than a small business.



Obviously, you don’t want to settle into a job only to discover the company is going out of business. While it hasn’t been easy, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the resilience of many organizations. Did your future employer rise to the occasion with determination and innovative solutions? Or did they start to buckle under the strain? Observing a businesses’ response to a recent crisis should give you a glimpse into their overall potential for long-term profitability and sustainability.



Are You Looking for the Right New Employer?

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