Advantages to Hiring Contract Employees

Maybe your business is looking for assistance with a special project. Or may you require extra staff to cover a seasonal busy spell. Either way, you need additional workers. So, what should you do? Here are some of the advantages to hiring contract employees.

Advantages of Hiring Contractors

Only Pay for What You Need

Hiring permanent staff to cover temporary projects or busy spells can be problematic. You bring in additional people, and they work hard. Then, the workloads return to normal levels. Now, your new employees don’t have enough to do, and you end up paying the bill. Contractors eliminate this dilemma because they only expect to stay for a limited amount of time. This creates a win/win situation where contractors earn money for assigned tasks, and you stop paying them at the end of the project.

Enjoy Greater Staffing Flexibility

Recruiting, hiring and onboarding permanent employees is time-consuming and expensive while letting someone go can be messy and traumatic. Contract workers give your business greater flexibility. You simply book them for a given period. And if you need them for a longer or shorter amount of time, extended or reducing their contract usually isn’t overly complicated.

Reduce Paperwork

Permanent employees require W-2 forms, Social Security and Medicare taxes, unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance, and, in many cases, benefits. On the other hand, most contractor workers are either self-employed or employees of a staffing agency. As a result, your organization’s paperwork may be limited to nothing more than an IRS 1099 Form.

Access Specialized Talent

Let’s say you need an IT specialist to upgrade your computers or an accountant to help you through an audit. Often, it’s difficult to find an employee who could assist with a specialized project and then transfer to another role. Once again, contractors are the perfect solution. They can temporarily join your team, finish the specific job and then move on to their next project.

Discover Top Employees

What if the IT contractor you hired was amazing and you’re searching for a new Director of Technology? Or, what if a temporary worker was a fantastic addition to your warehouse? Guess what? You can add them to your permanent team. Hiring contractors is a smart recruiting method. After all, you already know how well they’ll perform on the job. Of course, some people prefer temporary assignments. Yet, other contractors will be thrilled to join your organization.


Is Your Company Looking for Contract Workers?

BOS Staffing is here for you. Our recruiters place contract and temporary employees throughout the greater Atlanta area. We can match your business with reliable staff without the hassle of recruiting, hiring, onboarding and downsizing. Extra help is just a phone call away. Contact us today to learn more!

Let BOS Staffing Help You Find Your Right Fit!

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