Managing Seasonal Staffing Needs

The holidays are almost here. Is your business ready? Or, are you worried about managing seasonal staffing needs? Use these strategies to approach the holiday rush with confidence.


Hire the Right Temporary Help

Make sure your staff understands that seasonal workers will assist your company temporarily; then return to their regular lives. Although this isn’t a perfect choice for people seeking a full-time job, it’s a fantastic option for someone looking to earn extra income by working a few months out of the year. Good-fit temporary staff may include college students, retirees, stay-at-home parents or even recent graduates hoping to build their resumes. Finally, don’t forget to start your hiring process early. You’ll want holiday employees ready to go (not filling out applications) in early to mid-November.

Partner With a Staffing Service

Recruiting, screening, hiring, and onboarding temps can put an enormous strain on your HR department, especially if you are bringing in hundreds or even thousands of employees. An employment agency will take care of these tasks for you. And, if you opt for a workforce management solution, an on-site representative will handle scheduling, payroll, and training. Plus, an employment service offers you more staffing flexibility. Since the temps are employees of the agency, not your company, you can request more or fewer workers without needing to re-recruit or downsize on your end.

Track Your Optimum Employment Levels

Having too little staff results in overtime costs and burnout. Having too much staff wastes money and causes discontent. What’s your organization’s perfect number of permanent and temporary employees? Keep records so you know how many people are required to get the job done. If you’re working with an employment agency, your recruiter can assist with this process.

Stay in Touch With Your Best Temps

Rehiring the same temporary workers each year can save your organization recruiting and training costs. Plus, you’ll be bringing back top performers. Commit to staying connected throughout the year. Send a reminder postcard after four to six months encouraging past temps to return. A few weeks before you officially start hiring, give them a call, or send a text or email. Include instructions on how to sign up for the upcoming season.

Offer Long-Term Possibilities

Some of your workers will be strictly temporary. However, others will be hoping to gain experience and skills. To build your reputation as a great place to work, offer opportunities for these individuals too. Temp-to-hire is one possibility; unfortunately, you can’t add everyone to your team. In those cases, be generous with recommendations and referrals. If your placements offer the prospect of career growth as well as a paycheck, you’ll find it much easier to recruit.


Could You Use Some Help Managing Seasonal Staffing Needs?

BOS Staffing has been creating lasting relationships in the Atlanta area since 1979. We can help your company survive a busy season and/or find your next top-performing hire. Learn more about our flexible staffing options today!

Are you looking for reliable seasonal help? Request an employee today!

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