Ready to Find A Job You Love? Of Course You Are!

Do you hate your job? Or, is your job OK, but deep down you feel like you were meant to do something else? Either way, you’re probably due for a change. Follow these steps to find a job you love.


Write Down Your Best-Case Scenario

You’re going to have trouble finding the perfect position if you don’t what your perfect position is. Define your dream job by writing down all your hopes and wishes. Include duties, salary or wages, number of hours, schedule, company, culture, activity level, amount of responsibility, location, commute, perks and anything else that comes to mind.

Test Out the Possibilities

You most likely know someone who loved the idea of a job until they tried it. Before committing to a path, experiment with different options. Volunteering, working part-time or temporary jobs and/or shadowing an established professional can help you better understand exactly what a position involves.

Map Your Path

You know where you want to go. Now, how do you get there? Your dream job may require you to return to school, gain additional skills or simply launch a job search. Figure out what you need to do and how you can make those steps happen. Break your plan into smaller goals and set deadlines so you stay on track.

Consider Culture

What if you found the perfect job but you didn’t get along with any of your coworkers? It probably wouldn’t be so perfect. As best-selling author, Simon Sinek writes, “We do better in cultures in which we are good fits. We do better in places that reflect our own values and beliefs.” Look around for an organization that reflects your standards and interests. For instance, if you’re an accountant who also happens to be a motorcycle enthusiast, you’ll be much happier keeping the books for a Harley-Davidson dealership than a chain of craft stores.

Go After Your Dream

Once you have identified the job and the type of company you want (plus you have all the necessary qualifications) start looking for open positions. Search the job boards and set up alerts. Check company websites and social media accounts for job openings. Network with other professionals who may be able to help you get your foot in the door at your top-choice organizations. And, give your local staffing service a call. A recruiter can review your resume, match you to best-fit jobs and even offer interview coaching and salary negotiation tips. So, when you do find the perfect position, you’ll have a better chance of landing the job.


Are You Ready to Find A Job You Love in Atlanta?

At BOS Staffing, we understand discovering you are in the wrong job is no fun. Our expert recruiters can offer you flexible temporary options as well as permanent placements to match your needs. Follow our 10-step process and discover your next opportunity today!

Are you ready to find your dream job? Search our available openings today!

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