Is Now The Time to Wait For That “Perfect” New Hire?

With unemployment rates soaring to record highs in the spring of 2020, companies looking to hire have lots of available candidates from which to choose. So, if a talented individual comes your way, should you snatch them up? Or is now the time to wait for that “perfect” new hire?

The correct answer depends on the individual candidate as well as your company’s needs. Here’s a brief overview for each argument.


Reasons to Hire an Almost Perfect Candidate

  • Perfection Doesn’t Exist
    As the old saying goes, “No one is perfect.” Even in a loose labor market, your organization is unlikely to find a candidate who is a 100 percent fit. Of course, you do want to get as close as possible. Therefore, be sure to create a hire-right profile in which you clearly distinguish between required versus desired qualifications.
  • Top Talent Won’t Stay on the Market for Long
    Your organization isn’t the only one out looking for talented employees. Many companies are still hiring. And as the economy continues to improve, competition will increase. Research by Dr. John Sullivan suggests the top ten percent of candidates stay on the market for less than ten days. So, if you think you’ve identified a high performer, don’t delay.
  • Empty Seats Lower Productivity
    When your company returns to business as usual, you want to hit the ground running. A high-quality candidate could help to push you ahead by weeks or months. While being short-staffed could put a strain on your current employees and cause you to fall farther behind.


Reason to Wait for That “Perfect” New Hire

  • A Candidate Is Missing Key Qualifications
    Of course, employees need a certain skill set to get the job done. An almost perfect candidate who is missing one or two key qualifications may not be the right person for the job. If you’re not sure what to do, ask yourself, “Can we get this person up to speed quickly?” For instance, you don’t want to hire a bookkeeper with poor math skills. Whereas, an experienced bookkeeper, who simply isn’t familiar with the software you use, could still be an amazing hire.
  • You Suspect a Candidate Isn’t a Good Fit
    Let’s say you’ve found an applicant with an incredible skill set, but something seems off. Maybe he came off as arrogant during the interview? Or maybe she was rude to your receptionist over the phone? Since bad hires can be expensive, sometimes you should listen to your gut. However, be careful not to be overly influenced by personal biases. For example, it’s common to fall victim to affinity bias in which we form a more favorable impression of people who remind us of ourselves.


Does Your Company Need Help Finding That Perfect New Hire?

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