Safeguard Your Business Against Another Wave of COVID

As devastating as the Coronavirus crisis was this past spring, the pandemic may not be behind us. In fact, many experts warn a second round is “very, very likely to happen” later this year. (CBS News, May 2020) So, how can you safeguard your business against another wave of COVID?


Evaluate Your Response

When the COVID-19 crisis hit in mid-March, most organizations were completely unprepared. But what if you knew then what you know now? What would you do differently? Certainly, we hope another wave will be less serious (or not happen at all). But if it does occur, you would be able to make more educated decisions the second time around. If you’re not sure how to begin this process, start with a simple list. Write down, “What went well?” and “What went poorly?” Then, think about how you could build on successes and reduce problems.

Identify Potential Opportunities

Mostly likely the pandemic damaged your organization. Nevertheless, you also may have stumbled upon a surprising discovery. Maybe your online sales soared? Maybe your customers preferred curbside pickup? Or maybe your new remote hiring process proved to be easier and more cost-effective? Look for ways you can leverage these unexpected accomplishments to create a more agile (and profitable) business model.

Streamline Remote Work and/or Delivery Options

If this was your organization’s first journey into remote working arrangements or delivery/pickup services, you probably experienced some bumps in the road. You may have struggled to decide what video platforms, online communication tools, and/or ordering systems to use. However, over the past few months, you’ve had a chance to identify the most economical and effective options. You could use this knowledge not only to survive another lockdown but also, to improve your everyday operations. For example, you may decide to maximize the use of video conferencing to decrease your company’s long-term travel expenses.

Develop Contingency Plans

Unfortunately, until a COVID-19 vaccine is available, we all have to ask, “What if…?” What if another round of Coronavirus hits this fall? What if the government asks businesses to shut down again? Even though these thoughts are unpleasant, considering the worst-case scenario (as well as the situations in-between) will allow your organization to plan accordingly. So rather than reacting based on panic, you can rise to the challenge with a well-thought-out approach.

Continue Emphasizing Safety Measures

Finally, remember, keeping your customers and your workers safe is a top priority. Stay up to date on recent guidelines for preparing workplaces for COVID-19. Regularly employing these approved cleaning and prevention methods can protect your company, and the greater public, against reoccurring infections today and into the future.



Are You Looking for More Ways to Safeguard Your Business Against Another Wave of COVID?

To assist companies of all sizes in dealing with the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, BOS Staffing has set up a COVID Resource Center. Topics range from crisis management to wellness. And, if you’re looking for temporary staffing coverage or professional recruiting services, we can help with that too. Learn more about all the workforce solutions BOS Staffing offers!

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