Let’s Put Georgia Back to Work!

When Governor Brian Kemp’s shelter in place order expired on April 30th, Georgia became one of the first states to reopen during the Coronavirus pandemic. Certainly, it will take some time to get back to business as usual. Nevertheless, both employers and employees are prepared to tackle the road to recovery. Now, let’s put Georgia back to work!


Tips for Businesses

Be Realistic

Until scientists find a vaccine for COVID-19, there is an ongoing threat of a second wave. This could mean another round of economic shutdowns, a return to remote working options, and/or unfortunately, more furloughed employees. Although this seems overwhelming, keep in mind, life, and business are always uncertain. Take things one day at a time, and if you need some advice for managing this crisis, check out BOS Staffing’s COVID Resource Center.


Identify Short and Long-Term Needs

Obviously, your immediate priority may be to keep your company in business. However, don’t forget to consider everything reopening involves. For example, you may experience staffing fluctuations especially if things start slow and then boom. Therefore, you may want to form a relationship with an employment agency now, so you can quickly bring on temporary help if necessary.


Re-evaluate Your Business Goals

Despite the anxiety brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, your organization probably made some unexpected discoveries. Maybe your online sales were more profitable than you thought? Maybe some of your employees worked better from home? Or maybe remote interviewing was surprisingly cost-effective? This could be a perfect time to explore new goals based on your recent successes.


Tips for Job Seekers

Be Patient

If the COVID-19 crisis left you unemployed, you have every right to feel frustrated. But remember, the return to normal won’t happen overnight. Stay positive and start working on your job search game plan now. That way when companies do begin hiring, you’ll be ready!


Start Job Hunting Today!

Ok, so you’ve scrolled through the job boards and found NOTHING. Oh well. You’ll just go back to binge-watching TV. Not so fast. Be proactive. Even if you can’t immediately apply for a specific position, there are lots you can do to prepare for tomorrow. Update your resume, set up job alerts, and connect with a staffing firm. With a little bit of advance planning, you can put yourself ahead of the competition in the days to come.


Continue Pursuing Your Career Goals

You may have found yourself with more downtime than you ever imagined. Don’t waste this opportunity. With a variety of online learning options, this is a wonderful chance to reskill yourself. Plus, you can add anything you’ve learned to your newly revised resume.



Are You Ready to Put Georgia Back to Work?

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, BOS Staffing is here to help you make that next move! Contact our remote team of recruiters to manage your staffing needs or find a new job today. Let’s put Georgia back to work together!

Let BOS Staffing Help You Find Your Right Fit!

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