Ever pick the wrong job?

It’s frustrating when the position looks great on paper, sounds perfect in the interview, but once you start working there, it’s not what you expected – at all.

The work isn’t what was described. You don’t really fit in with your coworkers. And your new boss? Forget about it.

There is a better way to work.

At BOS Staffing, we fill most jobs through our temporary-to-hire program. That gives you the perfect opportunity to try a job out for size before deciding if it’s just the right fit.

Rather go a more traditional route?

Choose the flexibility of temporary work or take the next step in your career with our direct hire option.

We want to partner with you for the duration of your career, from your first job to the point when you may be the one making hiring decisions.

Let’s get started today.

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We make it easy to land the job you want.

  • IT Professionals – Programmers, Help Desk, Network Specialists, Web Designers, Access Database Report Writers
  • Admin/Clerical Professionals – Bookkeepers, Admin Assistants, Receptionists, Clerks
  • Call Center Professionals
  • Technical Writers
  • Medical – Clinical – RN, LPN, CNA – check out our open medical positions at: BOS Medical
  • Medical (Non-Clinical) – Office Managers, Medical Billing, Supply Technicians
  • Light Industrial – Material Handlers, Production, Forklift Operators, etc.