New IT Jobs from BOS Staffing!

Since 1979, BOS Staffing has been connecting talented employees with top companies in Atlanta, Georgia and beyond. And now, BOS is proud to announce they will be expanding their services in IT (Information Technology) jobs. Could an IT position be right for you? Let’s find out.

What Are the Benefits of Working in IT?

  • High Demand
    It’s no secret there’s a skill shortage in information technology. Businesses of all shapes and sizes need IT professionals to assist with tasks such as digital transformation and cybersecurity. Candidates with the necessary skill set will have multiple opportunities available to them.
  • Educational Flexibility
    Some careers, such as teaching and nursing, require a two or four-year degree. This is not the case with IT. Since information technology is relatively new and constantly changing, many professionals are self-taught. Often, organizations are willing to hire and train tech-savvy individuals even if they lack formal education.
  • An Ever-Changing Environment
    Are you worried your job might get boring? IT jobs are continually evolving. There’s never a dull moment. Plus, those who are willing to learn new skills and experiment with creative solutions will discover lots of chances for advancement and career growth.
  • Remote Work Options
    Many information technology jobs require nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. Therefore, some IT professionals have the option to work from home at least some of the time. This means no long commutes, traffic jams or rigid office hours.
  • Generous Salaries and Perks
    Since IT jobs can be difficult to fill, businesses are willing to pay more. In addition, the information technology sector is famous for its fabulous perks. For example, Google gives out free gourmet meals and snacks while Facebook provides on-site dental and health care.

What Types of IT Jobs Will BOS Staffing Be Offering?

Of course, information technology positions vary. Companies are looking for different skill sets and various levels of experience. Here are a few of the jobs BOS Staffing has in the pipeline.

  • Java Full Stack Developer (Backend)
    Java Developers design, develop and manage Java-based applications. For this position, the successful candidate should be familiar with UML diagrams, Java, AWS and Micro-services.
    Pay rate: $50 per hour.
  • .NET Developer
    .NET Developers design, implement, develop and analyze software. For this position, the successful candidate should have 8 years of experience and the ability to work with a remote team.
    Pay rate: $55 per hour.
  • Xpression Developer
    Xpression Developers build end-to-end business solutions. For this position, the successful candidate should be familiar with Microsoft Word, xPresso and xDesign as well as SQL and XML data sets.
    Pay rate: TBD.


Are You Looking for a New IT Job in the Atlanta Area?

The recruiters at BOS Staffing would be happy to help you find the right IT fit. We offer a variety of full-time, contract and temp-to-hire positions. Learn more about the advantages of job searching with BOS Staffing today!

Apply for an IT Job Today!

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