Didn’t Get the New Job? There’s a Silver Lining!

Job searching can be difficult. Sometimes, despite the fact things seem to be going well, you’ll still won’t land the position. But, don’t worry. Even when you didn’t get the new job, there’s a silver lining.

You May Have Escaped the Wrong Job

Although hearing NO can be heartbreaking, in many cases you may be better off. Think about WHY you didn’t get the job. Maybe you weren’t qualified? Maybe you weren’t a good culture fit? Or, maybe you and the manager weren’t going to get along? Look at your disappointment as part of the bigger picture. Finding yourself stuck in a bad fit could be much worse than spending a few more weeks job hunting.

You Are Building Up Your Resilience

Rejection is no fun. However, to grow you must be able to turn setbacks into opportunities. And, one of the best ways to conquer rejection is practice. If this sounds too hard or if you could use a bit of inspiration, check out Jia Jiang’s TED Talk. To overcome his fears, Jiang decided to seek out 100 days of rejection. His results will both surprise you and make you laugh.

You Can Learn from Your Experiences

Even if you feel upset, don’t waste time beating yourself up. What’s done is done. Instead, turn so-called failures into learning experiences. Start by making a list of what might have gone wrong. And, remember to stay objective. Your goal is to improve your performance not to criticize yourself. Did you trip over an easy interview question? Should you have researched the company more thoroughly? Or, did you forget to clean up your social media accounts? Then, use this information to change your tactics so you can avoid making the same mistakes twice.

You Are One Step Closer to “You’re Hired!”

Wouldn’t it be nice if job hunting were quick and easy? Usually, it’s not. In Richard N. Bolles famous book What Color Is Your Parachute?, job expert Tom Jackson describes the outcomes of interviews as follows, “NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO YES YES!” And, as Jackson points out, every NO you get out of the way, gets you one step closer to YES. So rather than looking at NO’s as a loss, view them a necessary part of your road to success.


Are You Tired of Hearing That You Didn’t Get the New Job?

If your employment search isn’t going as planned, call in the experts. The recruiters at BOS Staffing would be happy to help you find and land the job you want. We place office staff, medical professionals and light industrial workers throughout the greater Atlanta area. Learn more about the benefits of job hunting with us today!

40 Years of You're Hired!

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