How to Make Your Social Media “Work Friendly”

When you are job hunting, assume your prospective employer will screen your social media accounts. Does this make you nervous? If so, you may be due for some digital spring cleaning.

Here’s a quick guide to making your online presence more work friendly.

According to a recent study, 57 percent of employers admitted to finding online content that led them to eliminate a candidate as a job contender. (CNBC, 2018) And, the worst part, you may not know your social media is a problem. Think ahead by removing any of the following from your feeds.

What Looks Bad

  • References to illegal drugs
  • Sexual posts
  • Profanity
  • Poor spelling and grammar
  • References to guns
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Political rants
  • Discriminatory comments
  • Unprofessional screen names
  • Complaints about your current job
  • Negative comments about bosses, co-workers, clients or donors
  • Personal posts during working hours
  • Confidential information from previous employers

You have a personal life, but remember, your social media accounts are public. (And, privacy settings are not foolproof.) If you aren’t sure whether something will hurt your employment options, ask yourself, “Would I hire someone after seeing this post?” If the answer is “Probably not,” delete it.

Of course, work-friendly social media has a flip side too. Although we often hear stories about someone losing a job because of digital dirt, your online presence can help you land a job too. In fact, 43 percent of employers said they hired someone because of something they saw online. (CNBC, 2018) Here are some items you can add to your social media feeds to make yourself more marketable.

What Looks Good

  • Qualifications matching your application materials
  • Professional experiences
  • Positive engagement with your current workplace (retweets, likes and comments)
  • Correct spelling and grammar (showing effective communication skills)
  • Creative and compelling content
  • Interesting and relevant and industry-related posts
  • Mutual connections
  • Examples of previous work or an online portfolio
  • Endorsements or recommendations from colleagues
  • Awards or recognitions
  • Volunteer work

Finally, in addition to YOUR personal social media accounts, you may appear in tagged photos posted by others. Google your name every now and again to see what shows up and make sure your online presence stays professional.

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