Managing Your Hiring Needs for 2020

With the new year quickly approaching, is your company managing your hiring needs for 2020? Or, are you feeling overwhelmed already? Follow these tips to make sure your organization is adequately staffed and ready for business.

Plan Ahead

Being shorthanded can negatively impact both productivity and morale. To avoid this situation, try to predict what your hiring needs might be. Look back at the past twelve months. Did you require additional temporary employees during a busy season? Were you able to cover long-term absences easily? How long did it take you to recruit and hire permanent employees? Make a list of what went well and what could use improvement, so you can learn from both your successes and your mistakes. Finally, think about the upcoming year. Is your busy season likely to be slower or more hectic? Are you expecting any turnover such as retirements or relocations? Obviously, you don’t know exactly what the future will bring, but by considering possible scenarios you can develop a more informed plan.

Devise a Recruiting Strategy

When you’re ready to hire, what do you do? Most businesses depend on advertising such as Help Wanted signs, commercials, job boards, and even social media posts. Staffing expert Scott Wintrip argues this is not enough. He encourages organizations to tap into a larger pool by pulling candidates from eight different talent streams. These include 1) traditional advertising, 2) automation, 3) candidate mining (revisiting past resumes), 4) market presence, 5) networking, 6) referrals, 7) talent manufacturing (internships and upskilling) and 8) talent scouts (recruiters). In addition, Wintrip advises companies to analyze which talent streams produce the best results and which are underutilized. This information will allow you to design a more efficient hiring process.

Partner with a Staffing Firm

Especially if you are a small organization with limited resources or a large corporation with extensive hiring demands, the previous two steps may seem overwhelming. In these cases, it may be more cost-effective to partner with a staffing service. An agency will be able to assist you with tracking your potential hiring needs, onboarding and offboarding short-term employees and attracting high-quality candidates. Most firms provide a variety of solutions including temporary employment services, professional recruitment for permanent employees, payrolling and workforce management. Overall, employment services can offer you more staffing flexibility, less paperwork, and better results.


Are You Managing Your Hiring Needs for 2020? Or, Could You Use Some Help?

BOS Staffing has been creating a lasting relationship with Atlanta area businesses since 1979. We can assist you in hiring a hundred temporary workers or one talented full-time employee. Give us a call today to learn more! We would be happy to develop a plan that works for you.

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