Is Your Candidate Experience Hurting You?

What would you do if you found out an applicant you decided not to hire reported a terrible interview experience? You may think, “Who cares? They weren’t a good fit anyway.”

Unfortunately, this type of attitude is more harmful than your organization may realize. Whether a candidate accepts or rejects and whether you hire or pass, a candidate’s experience matters.

3 Ways a Poor Candidate Experience Damages Your Business

  1. Top Talent Walks
    When an applicant comes through your door, you don’t know if they will be your next great hire. This means a lackluster introduction affects everyone. And, in-demand candidates have options. A poor first impression may be all it takes for them to apply elsewhere. Now, you’re left with tighter competition and a smaller talent pool.
  2. Candidates Talk
    An unhappy applicant may sigh, shrug their shoulders and move on. Or, they may share their story with their friends. They may spread the word even further by writing a negative online review. Your company stands to lose not only those who applied, but also those who might have applied. Your talent pool just shrunk again.
  3. You End Up with a Bad Reputation
    “Don’t apply there. Their hiring process was awful.” These comments hurt both your recruiting efforts and your overall image. After all, customers prefer to do business with companies who treat their workforce with respect. Unhappy candidates can spread horror stories faster than might you think.

3 Steps to Make Your Candidate Experience Better

  1. Extend a Warm Welcome
    Candidates have shown an interest in your organization and taken the time to apply. Treat them well! You may be meeting a loyal customer, a dedicated brand ambassador or your next superstar. As former chief talent officer at Netflix, Patty McCord, writes, “Our goal was for every single person who came in for an interview to walk away wanting the job, even if we hated them. We wanted them to think, ‘Wow, that was an incredible experience.’”
  2. Keep Applicants in the Loop
    When candidates apply or interview, they want (and deserve) to know where they stand. Telling someone they didn’t get a job is no fun, but leaving them in the dark is disrespectful. Don’t waste people’s time by dragging out the hiring process or by failing to communicate.
  3. Define and Design a Standard Process
    How does your hiring work? If you answered, “It depends. Mostly, we just wing it,” you need to rethink your strategy. To provide a consistently positive experience for all candidates, you must have a plan. Consider questions such as “What types of interviews will we use?”, “What questions will we ask?” and “What’s the time frame?”


Do You Want to Earn 5-Star Candidate Experience Ratings?

If you would like to improve your hiring process, call in the experts. BOS Staffing assists organizations in Lawrenceville, Georgia and the greater Atlanta area. As a relationship-first company, we build trust through communication and service. Learn more about our recruiting options today!

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