Job Search Tips for Parents

The kids are back in school, the house is quiet, and you’re wondering, “Now what? Should I find a job?” If you are a stay-at-home parent who is thinking about re-entering the workforce, here’s where to start.

  1. Talk Things Over with Your Family

    Going back to work is both exciting and challenging. But, if you don’t have your family’s support, the adjustment period can be more difficult. Before you begin, discuss different possibilities with your spouse and kids. Ask questions such as, “What will happen after school? Who will stay home if someone is sick? How will we handle transportation to and from afternoon and evening activities? When will we do household chores such as cleaning, errands, laundry, food-prep and grocery shopping? Will we need extra help? And if so, how much will this cost?

  2. Consider Your Best-Case Scenario

    In the excitement of receiving a job offer, you might accept a position that isn’t a good fit for your lifestyle. Are you eager to go back to full-time? Or, would you like to work a few hours during the day and be home when your kids walk in the door? By identifying exactly what you want, you can focus your search and discover an opportunity that works for you.

  3. Brush Off Your Resume

    You have a schedule in mind and your family is on board with your decision. Now, you’re ready to job hunt! The next step is to update your resume. After being home with the kids for several years, you’re going to have an employment gap. Unfortunately, this can make finding a position harder. Start by highlighting any outside work you’ve done during the past few years including consulting, freelancing, self-run businesses, temporary placements, part-time jobs and/or volunteering. If you’ve spent the time 100% focused on your family, that’s OK too. But, be prepared to explain your situation in a cover letter and/or interview.

  4. Update Your Social Media Profiles

    According to a 2018 survey, seventy percent of employers use social media to screen candidates. In other words, your social accounts are almost as important as your resume. You’ll want to create or update a LinkedIn account first. Then, move on to other platforms. For more details on maximizing your social presence, check out our blog post How to Make Your Social Media Work Friendly.

  5. Call a Staffing Agency

    Are you feeling overwhelmed? Stay calm. You don’t have to search alone. Try connecting with your local staffing or recruiting office. Employment services have access to a wide range of opportunities ranging from full-time positions to part-time work to seasonal placements (which allow you to keep your summers free). Plus, most agencies offer free career assessments, resume reviews and interviewing coaching, so you can land the right job faster.

Are You Ready to Go Back to Work?

BOS Staffing offers a variety of permanent, temporary and contract placements in Stone Mountain, Georgia and the surrounding regions. Our professional recruiters can help you get your foot back in the door with family-friendly working arrangements. Contact us today to learn more!

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