How to be an Invaluable Team Player

Hopefully, you’ve had the good fortune to work with someone who is invaluable. You know the type. The person who would be almost impossible to replace. How do you become that employee?

Know Your Stuff
The first step is to be knowledgeable, if not an expert, in your field. To stay on top of trends and recent developments, you must commit to life-long learning. Take classes, regularly read industry-related materials, volunteer for stretch assignments and ask questions. The more you know, the more valuable you will be.

Have a Positive Attitude

Most people would prefer not to work with a Debbie Downer. Even when the going gets tough, invaluable employees remain calm and upbeat. Of course, this is easier for some people than others. If positivity doesn’t come naturally to you, try changing your thought patterns. Something as simple as keeping a daily gratitude journal can make a significant difference.

Solve Problems

When something goes wrong on the job, who do people turn to? Sometimes, it’s a manager or supervisor, but other times it’s a regular member of the team. Strive to become that go-to person. Challenge yourself to discover solutions and to experiment with different ideas before you run to somebody else for help. Be innovative and resourceful.

Listen to Others

Listening, really listening, to what people say is extremely powerful and far more difficult than it seems. So often we get stuck in our own minds, and this causes us to miss out on new thoughts and varying points of view. One smart way to improve your skills is to verbally summarize what the other person just said during a conversation. This forces you to pay attention and improves understanding.

Build Relationships

Getting to know people better improves the working environment. Find out something about your co-workers’ personal lives so you can form a more genuine connection. Pay attention to their preferences as well as their body language. Notice if someone is overwhelmed or having a bad day, so you can be there for them.

Admit to Mistakes

Being humble isn’t easy, and it can feel scary. However, people will think more highly of you if you are willing to admit when you are wrong. Don’t be afraid to give examples of things you messed up, so your colleagues can learn from your mistakes too.

Support Your Co-Workers

Showing up is important, but you want to go the extra mile. Offer not only to assist others, but also to help them succeed. Share your ideas, make suggestions, give advice and back people up. Ultimately, being invaluable isn’t about you, it’s about everybody else.


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