5 Benefits Of Delegation – Empower Your Team

Ever feel you´re too busy? That your to-do list is exploding? That you feel overwhelmed by everything you need to get done? That you are not satisfied with your results because you´re simply not getting to everything you should do? Maybe you should delegate more to your team!


In other articles published on this blog, we already indicated the importance of hiring top employees and how to make your team excel. Well, if you have such a great team with key employees you should be able to delegate tasks to them so that the team as a whole can get done more and you can free up some time to dedicate to the most important tasks.


Delegation is not easy because most of us often feel as if only we can complete a certain task in the best possible way. It´s hard to trust others to do those tasks and trust the capabilities of your employees that they will also be able to do a good job in those tasks. In addition, you know a lot of the details of certain projects and you´re probably the only one that knows everything inside out. So why “waste” time explaining all that others? But, is it the best use of your time if you do every single operational task of the projects as well? Probably not! delegation


So what are the main benefits of delegation?


<h5> Freeing up your time & Achieve more </h5>

As mentioned above, the first clear benefit of delegation is that you will free up your time which you can dedicate to more strategic tasks. Since you have more time to spend on other tasks, you will definitely be able to achieve more.


<h5> Developing your team </h5>

By involving your team in certain tasks this will also develop their capabilities and teach them new skills. This is a great benefit to the employee, it makes them more versatile and more employable, however, they also become more important for the team. By giving them more new tasks you will, in addition, make their job more interesting, challenging and enjoyable.


<h5> Establishing a culture of trust </h5>

When delegating tasks to your employees you are automatically establishing a culture of trust in your team. By giving them important tasks you show them that you trust them to take these tasks and complete them in a good manner. This is not only good for the working culture in the team but also for the self-esteem of the employee.


<h5> Making the team more efficient </h5>

By delegating tasks to your team members, you are making better use of everybody´s time. As a result, the team as a whole will get so much more done. You won´t be able to finish everything yourself and you don´t want your team members to sit around idle, so by delegating tasks to them everybody has an adequate workload.


<h5> Increase flexibility of your team </h5>

When you delegate tasks to your team, make sure you also move the tasks around between different team members. By doing so, the flexibility of your team will increase and everybody will improve their skills which is great for the company.


Delegation is an essential skill for great leaders and bring important benefits for you as a leader, for your team members, for the team and therefore also for the business. So next time you´re feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list, try to ask yourself with each and every item whether it´s the best use of your time that you do these tasks or if someone else in the team could also do a good job.


What other benefits do you see in delegation?


Photo credit: James Stewardson via VisualHunt.com / CC BY



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