Is Your Company Culture Hindering Exceptional Performance?

Does your office thrive with passionate employees who love to come to work each day? Do your teams actually like being around the people they work with? If not, chances are your company isn’t excelling when it comes to culture. And why should you care? Organizations that have a strong culture attract the top talent in the industry. So, if you don’t provide a great culture, you’re hindering the performance of your employees.

Here are just a few of the reasons it’s important to have a successful culture that ensures the growth and success of your employees.

You need a strong vision.
If your vision doesn’t play a role in the day-to-day lives of your staff, it will eventually become irrelevant. A key part of building a great culture is helping employees connect the dots in between their background and a common vision and passion for your organizational mission. Employees should be constantly involved in defining and evolving your vision. This will help ensure that you’re always clear what your expectations are now and for the future. The last thing you want is to be that company whose goals and mission statement are just a plaque on the wall in the break room.

A strong culture builds communication skills.
Observe how employees are communicating with each other and with potential hires. Who defers to whom? Are there sideways glances or is someone always cutting other people off? Do they seem happy to be there? If younotice any issues, address them immediately. When communication issues are ignored they can cause a hostile work environment and become highly damaging to workplace morale.

Culture helps provide direction.
Lack of direction causes chaos, which is the greatest cause of low office morale. Frequent changes in direction and not knowing your purpose cause frustration, misinterpretation, and burnout. However, by being transparent and making sure each employee knows where the company is headed; you play a positive role in making sure it gets there.

Teamwork conquers all.
As long as you have a great team, just about any task can be accomplished successfully. The days of pitting one star employee against another are long gone. Having a winning culture means creating an environment where teams trust each other. This is especially essential in industries where multiple departments on a project must fully collaborate in order to complete it successfully. Make sure to also reward teams for a job well-done and show members how much they’re appreciated.

Building your company culture can be difficult, but if you’re smart, do your research, and communicate well with employees, you’ll create a place people want to work.

How Can BOS Staffing Assist Your Organization?

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