Writing a Resume Cover Letter That Sets You Apart From Every Other Candidate

I’m going to state the obvious here, but your resume and cover letter are the most important documents you have on hand in a job search. They are what get you in the door for an interview. They help showcase your technical skills and professional qualifications. They tell an employer that you are capable of presenting yourself in a professional and organized manner. They set you apart from the other candidates. They are your first impression and in many cases the deciding factor in whether or not you are offered a job.

With that in mind, you want to do everything you can to make sure that your material is crisp, professional, free of errors, and unique. Today’s article will discuss the best tips you can incorporate to make sure your documents set you apart from the crowd.

Showcase Results

Every hiring manager has a point when they have simply read so many template cover letters that their eyes just gloss over. Many professionals make the mistake of not having a distinguishing cover letter, in part because they don’t know what information to include. The most important information you can share with a prospective employer within the body of your cover letter is the results of your work efforts with previous employers. Your letter should highlight a few of your most impressive achievements. Be sure to quantify your results and be succinct in describing your impact. A cover letter that goes into too much detail can be overwhelming for hiring managers to read, and they may just overlook your document based on length alone.

Customize Based on the Job Description

Above all else, employers want to know what you can do for them. A form letter without any specifics regarding how your skills and experience make you especially qualified for the job you are applying to is easy to overlook. Focus your content on showing how you meet the requirements provided in the job description. Use the exact wording that the hiring manager used in order to show how relevant you are to the opportunity. Don’t assume that an employer will connect the dots regarding your experience. Tell your story as clearly and concisely as possible and make sure you hit all the “must haves” right in the cover letter. If your cover letter is a dud, chances are your resume won’t even get a first look.

Share Your Passion

Cover letters are notoriously dry and formal. While making sure that your professionalism shines through, it’s not a bad thing to let your personality shine as well. People hire people they like and want to work with. A well written cover letter is a great opportunity to reassure hiring managers that you are a friendly and engaged employee. Don’t waste that opportunity with a template cover letter that fails to showcase your passion or personality.

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