Are You Committing These Common Recruiting Mistakes?

Recruiting seems like it should be a relatively straightforward process, doesn’t it? A hiring manager should only need to create and post a detailed job description and then quickly receive and review a number of qualified resumes before finding, interviewing, and hiring their ideal candidate. Perhaps that is a little too idealistic. Today’s competitive and dynamic job market has resulted in a number of difficulties for hiring managers. Are you one of those employers making these common recruiting mistakes?

Mistake 1.
Limiting Compensation to Finances

Employees today, particularly Millennials, are interested in more than just income when they are considering their next career move. Corporate environment, culture, location, health benefits, PTO, and other benefits all come into play. Work-life balance is also an important factor. Is your company able to offer a well balanced work culture? Do you offer competitive medical and dental plans? Do you offer flexible work options and an engaging mentoring program? These are all ways that you can attract key talent to your company without resorting to simple salary increases or signing bonuses. This is a smart move because you want to make sure you are hiring employees who are engaged in the work and committed to the company in such a way that they are less likely to be lured away with promises of higher pay.

Mistake 2.
Failing to Be Strategic

A common mistake is knee-jerk hiring in response to project or business demands. It is much better to be methodical and strategic in your hiring decisions. Evaluate what positions you will likely need to fill in the coming year, quarter, or even month. Know what qualifications and skills you will need, and prepare your team (HR or your staffing agency, or both) for the coming needs. Planning ahead and being strategic in your hiring will help you get ahead of the panic or crisis management when the real need hits. Avoid recruiting to fill immediate gaps as much as possible. Start looking for your ideal candidate well in advance of that need. Consider recruiting to be as much requiring of business savvy and planning as any other financial decision.

Mistake 3.
Avoiding Change

Sticking with the tried and tested seems like a good way to ensure reliability, especially when it comes to recruiting. If you have had success with hires with one specific type of background, skill set, or education, it makes sense that you would be able to seek out similar success with similar requirements. But the truth is that you could be missing out on valuable opportunities if you are afraid to branch out. Diversity in terms of background, skill sets, and education can help to add more dynamic elements to your company, making your staff more robust in terms of connections and qualifications. Don’t be afraid to try something different from time to time.

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