A Recap of Our Top HR Content from 2015

As always, there has been no shortage of “Best of The Year” posts floating around the Internet, as we near the New Year.  These fun, reflective posts help celebrate noteworthy achievements, events, movies and news that happened during the past year, and point out interesting things you may have missed. 2015 was an exciting year for BOS Staffing, and we’d like to share our top 3 posts from the past year to reinforce how you can make smarter hiring decisions in the New Year.

Are You Following Up with Candidates That Didn’t Get the Job?

Because hiring managers don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, many leave candidates hanging instead of following up to tell them they didn’t get the job.  A rejection email doesn’t have to be an awkward situation and can actually help build the reputation of your organization.  Read this post to learn more about the importance of following up with all job candidates and how to professionally tell a candidate that they weren’t the right fit for the job.

The Costliest Part of a Bad Hire

One bad apple can be damaging to the entire organization.  From the monetary costs of the hiring process to the impact on morale and productivity, this post discusses the true costs of making the wrong hiring decision. See how hiring mistakes affected 2100 CFOs in Robert Half’s survey result infographic and learn how partnering with a staffing agency can reduce the risks of making a bad hire.

Preparing for New Hire Orientation | Essential Documents to Provide

As you begin planning your staffing needs for 2016, make sure you’re setting your new hires up for success by equipping them with the tools they need.  This post will help get your onboarding process up to par with a rundown of the most important documents to include in your new hire packet.

We at BOS Staffing want to thank you for helping us make 2015 a success.  We wish you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to helping with your staffing needs in 2016.  Stay tuned for more helpful tips and advice for hiring managers throughout the next year.


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