Preparing for New Hire Orientation | Essential Documents to Provide

After hiring new employees, the first week of their employment can be hectic from trying to get the paperwork sorted out to getting them on-boarded in their new role.  Putting together a standardized new hire packet is a great way to keep paperwork organized and provide helpful information to your new employee.  Designing a new hire package is a simple task that takes a little pre-planning on the front end, but will help make the on-boarding experience more pleasant for everyone.  Here are a few essential documents that should always be provided:

Introduction Letter

Welcome new employees with a letter from the CEO or president of your organization.  Place the letter on company letterhead and address the employee by name.  Provide a brief overview about the company and where it’s headed in the future.  This will give new employees a sense of transparency and inclusion in the workplace.

Legal Forms

Employment is a legal contract between a worker and a company.  There are forms that the government requires to be completed as part of this contract.  These forms can include W-4, I9, 1099, Welfare to Work forms, etc. depending on the type of employment and the employee’s background.  Be sure that all the proper forms are included in the new hire packet to make sure the new hire is legally eligible for employment.  Failure to include these forms can lead to consequences later on.

Employee Policy Handbook

It’s important to place your employee handbook in the packet; so new employees can become familiar with your policies and procedures.  Ask each new hire to sign a form acknowledging they’ve received the handbook and will read it. This ensures they’ll be held accountable to learning the rules they need to know in order to be successful in your organization.  

Benefits Information

New employees need to know what to expect in terms of insurance and benefits.  Health insurance programs should be presented in writing and thoroughly explained.  The rates should be given based on rates for single individuals as well as families.  If your organization has an open enrollment period, these timelines should be included.  If any options like flex spending or 401K retirement accounts are available, information about those should also be included.

Emergency Contact Information

As much as you try to avoid it, emergencies can happen in the workplace.  When filling out the initial paperwork for a new hire, it’s a good idea to go ahead and get their emergency contract information in case something was to happen.  Keep this form on file and ask employees to update it annually.

An employee packet greatly impacts the orientation experience for new hires, welcoming them to the organization and also providing an opportunity to gather necessary information and set ground rules.  Use the new hire packet to your advantage, and it will make the on-boarding a seamless transition.

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