4 Ways to Revitalize Your Job Descriptions

With the economy heating up, there is a lot of competition for top talent in the job market.  In order to attract the employees you want, it’s essential to craft standout job descriptions that sell your open positions.  Here are a few tips for writing job descriptions that will effectively communicate your available positions, job requirements, and necessary qualifications while grabbing the attention of the job seeker.

Create more accurate job titles and summaries.

Generic job titles like “Account Manager” can mean vastly different things across not only different industries, but between organizations as well. Instead, use job titles that accurately reflect the work that the employee will do.  The title should not only reflect your industry’s standards, but your organizations culture as well.  After you’ve defined what the position is, write a summary of the purpose of the job and an overview of the main responsibilities.  Keep the summary concise and to the point by making it two to three sentences at the most.

Cleary identify both location and type of employment.  

This is especially important if your organization is located in a larger metropolitan area.  A job seeker in Barrow County, Georgia, while in the Atlanta metropolitan area, may not be willing to commute to Bartow or Douglas.  Clearly identifying where the job is located ensures that you don’t waste their time or yours over mismatching expectations later on in the interview process.   If travel is required for the position, note the percentage of time and to where the employee will be traveling.  Also be sure to state whether the position is full-time, part-time, salaried, or contract.  If the position is an internship, be sure to note whether it is paid or unpaid.  The more information you can give, the better quality of applicant you’ll receive.

Embody your organization’s personality. 

When writing the job description, choose a tone and voice that match your company’s culture.  For example, a startup company is likely to have a more creative, silly, attention grabbing job description, than a company with a very strict corporate culture.  Getting your company’s personality across in the job description will ensure you’re only attracting people who are the right cultural fit for your organization.

Include contact info.

Don’t be one of the many job postings on the web that doesn’t include recruiter contact information.  You want potential candidates to be able to ask questions and make it easy for them to apply for the job.  The top talent isn’t going to apply if your posting looks like it’s trying to be secretive or unprofessional.  Skilled job candidates don’t waste their time playing the games of online job hunting.

Looking for talented candidates to fill your opens positions?

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