5 Hiring Solutions for Today’s Call Center Positions

Hiring for a call center can be an endless and sometimes overwhelming experience. Instead of hiring for a single position, multiple people are needed. These tips for hiring for call center positions will help you optimize and streamline your recruiting efforts. 

1. Agent Referrals

If you currently manage an active call center, one of the best hiring resources is right in front of you. Ask current agents if they have employee referrals. This gives you a direct line to pre-vetted candidates. Generally, people recommend individuals they get along with or know will do a good job. Current employees can also act as an advocate for the call center. They can talk about the company and the position so that the applicant is fully informed during the interview. The result is pre-screen applicants who are genuinely interested in working at the call center. 

2. Recruiter 

Working with a recruiter is also a perfect method for hiring better-quality applicants. A professional recruiter has a far-reaching network that enables them to recruit top-quality applicants effectively. Recruiters will work with a call center to find the number of needed employees. They can also pre-screen applicants, making the internal hiring process faster. 

3. Clear Job Description 

The job description you post can make or break your call center hiring efforts. It needs to be engaging, error-free, and accurate. A poorly written job description will be a turn-off to high-quality applicants. A job description that is not accurate will attract the wrong kind of applicants. A vague description will struggle to engage potential applicants to apply. 

4. Streamlined Screening 

Call centers require a large number of people to maintain productive operations. The more people you need to hire, the more expensive and time-consuming the hiring process becomes. Streamlining the screening process makes it faster and easier to sort through the applications. While you need to be careful you are not using discriminatory criteria, you can use criteria that will eliminate the unqualified applicants. Perhaps you eliminate individuals with no experience or those who aren’t available during the shift times you need. 

5. Host an Interview Day 

Scheduling interviews can become time-consuming as you set time aside for each interview. Then, you have the logistics of managing the interviews. This can quickly derail your day and significantly reduce productivity. Hosting an interview day helps to optimize the process by dedicating an entire day to meeting with as many applicants as possible. By interviewing in bulk, you reduce the amount of time wasted between interviews, allowing you to get more done in a single day. 

Improve Your Call Center Recruiting 

When you have a call center, you need to create an effective hiring process to improve the quality of applicants and retention rates. To improve your hiring process for your call center, focus on optimizing your recruiting and screening process. This could involve creating an internal referral program, using a recruiter, or crafting a high-quality job listing. 

Contact BOS Staffing and let the professionals recruit your call center. 

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