What Clerical Skills Matter Most in Today’s Workplace?

Administrative professionals are the glue that holds a company together. These talented individuals work hard to provide support to a variety of departments. Hiring for a clerical position requires looking for someone who has the right combination of skills and experience. 

Communication Skills

Someone in a clerical role will communicate with people throughout the company. They need to have excellent verbal and written communication skills. Someone who will excel in this role will have a sociable personality that will help them effectively engage with others. Communication skills Go beyond proper spelling and grammar or listening skills, though. They also need to have cooperation, patience, and confidence. This will help them communicate with different personalities. 

Critical Thinking 

Working in a clerical role often requires someone to wear many hats. They end up being the problem solvers of the office. Strong analytical skills help clerical professionals stay productive and overcome challenges. They can identify problems early on and strategize effective solutions. If there is more than one solution, they can evaluate the options and choose the best course of action. Their analysis will include relevant questions, creative thinking, and pattern prediction. 

Time Management 

A full work week of 40 hours may sound like a lot of time. However, those hours quickly tick away when you are busy in the office. Successful administrative professionals know how to manage their time effectively. This ensures they meet deadlines and stay productive. Bigger projects stay on course by meeting completion checkpoints. Smaller projects don’t fall through the cracks simply because they are minor. Look for someone who can form a strategy for completing their tasks. They effectively use time management tools and can stick to their established schedule. 

Computer Skills 

Today’s businesses depend on computers to get business done. From company portals to emails and cloud access for remote working, employees need to know how to use a computer. Someone in a clerical role needs to know their way around a computer. It is a must for emailing, calendar management, video conferencing, or using word processing programs. 

Detail Oriented 

Noticing the small details is what turns a good clerical professional into a great one. Being detail-oriented shows an elevated level of professionalism that ensures quality work product. A sharp eye for detail can also help an administrative professional catch potential problems before they become major issues. 


Working in a clerical role requires strong organizational skills. This could be in the physical form of managing paper documents with filing. It could also be in the digital form by keeping records orderly in digital folders. Professionals also need to use their organizational skills to plan their workday by prioritizing their tasks.

Find Top Clerical Applicants 

When hiring for clerical professionals, look for someone who has the right experience, knowledge, and skills. Successful clerical employees will have strong communication, computer, time, and organization skills. They will pay strong attention to detail while also being able to adapt to changing demands quickly. 

Have BOS Staffing find your next clerical professional today.

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