Legal Jobs You’ll Love (Without a Law Degree)

Plenty of legal jobs do not require you to graduate from law school. They will let you pursue your passion for the law without requiring you to be a lawyer. Consider pursuing one of these careers and have a legal job that you will love.   


As a paralegal, you will work directly with lawyers. You will do many tasks that directly support a lawyer in their representation of clients. This could include preparing legal documents, researching past cases, gathering and organizing evidence, and maintaining in-office records. You will likely need a Bachelor’s degree to secure this role.  

Legal Secretary

Similar to a paralegal, you will work directly with lawyers. However, a legal secretary’s tasks are more administrative and clerical. They don’t typically work on legal-specific tasks. For example, they may handle correspondence, scheduling, and office admin duties. You may or may not need a Bachelor’s degree. 


All states require mediators as a part of the legal process. This neutral third party attempts to find an acceptable outcome for at-odds parties. The goal is to reduce the demand on the court system by avoiding trials. 

Title Examiner

The real estate industry depends on title examiners to do in-depth research. Before a sale of real property takes place, the title examiner looks at the property’s ownership history. They identify anything questionable that could signal a potential issue with the legal ownership of the real estate.

Compliance Officer

A compliance officer is an auditor who works in a specific industry to ensure companies follow the rules, laws, and regulations applicable to them. Some officers are in a policy formation role, creating new standards and procedures. 

Contract Administrator

As a contract administrator, you will manage current contracts, resolve issues, and write new contracts. You could perform this role in various industries, from human resources to sales. While you don’t need a law degree, you will need to understand the applicable contract and industry laws. 

Court Reporter

A court reporter works in the courtroom to record what happens during trials. They do not work for a particular side but rather for the court system. This could be on a local, state, or federal level. You will likely need to get training on the equipment you will use and get certified. 

Legal Writer

If you love the law, you could become a legal writer. In this role, you could write about any section of the law for various sources and platforms. It could be anything from writing legal content marketing material for law firms to writing about the latest case developments for newspapers. Or it could be writing a regular article for an industry publication. 

Process Server

The process server is the person who delivers legal documents to those involved in legal proceedings. Their job is to ensure the intended recipient receives the designated legal documents. To be a successful process server, you must know the applicable laws, follow proper procedures, and know how to intercept individuals who may not want to receive their legal documents. 

Secure a Legal Job Without a Law Degree

Many careers in the legal industry use the law. You don’t have to be a lawyer to have a rewarding or successful legal career. Take your next step towards your dream career by working with a recruiter who can help you find the best-fitting role. 

Browse the available legal careers at BOS Staffing’s website.

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