5 Ways a Recruiter Can Enhance Your Candidate Pool

It is time to change your approach if your talent pool feels stagnant and stuck. Working with a recruiter can help you enhance your candidate pool. By having an outside party help you with recruiting efforts, you can increase your reach while improving your screening methods. The result will be a larger candidate pool that attracts high-quality talent and a greater interest in working for your company. 

1. Build Employer Brand

A recruiter can help your company build a brand reputation in the recruiting market. This is similar to how marketing efforts build a brand image with customers. However, with this branding, you are convincing candidates to apply for your open positions. The recruiter will talk about the benefits your company has to offer. This could include competitive salaries, additional benefits, 

2. Increase Candidate Communication

Recruiters make it their business to match candidates with companies successfully. Because they have a vested interest in your success, they will actively manage the candidates that they submit to your open positions. This regular communication with applicants keeps them interested and engaged in the interview process. Your candidate pool becomes stronger because the number of applicants that withdraw to take other positions will reduce. 

3. Optimize Job Description and Placement

A recruiter is more familiar with the job market and can provide valuable feedback on your job description and placement. That way, you can ensure your company and job description stand out and attract top talent. 

4. Pre-Screen Candidates

A skilled recruiter will pre-screen candidates before presenting them to you. Experienced recruiters will specialize in a particular industry. That way, they know what type of candidates will be most likely to succeed in the role. In addition, they can get to know the candidate. They can get a better feel for the candidate’s mindset with more information. That way, you don’t waste time moving lukewarm applicants through the interview process while not moving forward with more interested applicants. 

5. Remove Potential Bias

Whether intentional or not, your candidate pool may suffer due to bias. Internal HR departments could be influenced by managers and team members who want a particular person hired. Hiring managers could inherently look for people who are similar to the rest of the employees already on the team. While hiring compatible applicants is smart to maintain company culture, it also has the potential to create a groupthink environment. A recruiter could present candidates that wouldn’t have otherwise been considered. This can bring diversity to the team, strengthening the team by having people with diverse backgrounds, skills, education, and experience. 

Enhance Your Candidate Pool

When companies enhance their candidate pool, they improve the quality of new hires they bring into the company. Working with recruiters gives your company a valuable resource. The recruiter will help increase reach and build the company brand among industry talent. They will pre-screen interested candidates to ensure a good fit. Then, during the interview process, they will maintain communication to prevent withdrawal or drop-off. 


Contact the BOS Staffing team and enhance your candidate pool. 

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