Employers Are Tapping Into Referrals to Find Great Candidates

You post an open position for your company and suddenly become inundated with hundreds or thousands of applicants. While your candidate pool is large, it becomes counterproductive. Sorting through the applicants requires you to know which ones are high quality from a limited amount of information. A better option is using referrals. This reduces your applicant pool while improving its overall quality.

The Value of a Referral Network

Tapping into a referral network is a cost-effective recruiting strategy for businesses. The candidates who apply through a referral have already been screened by someone who already works for or with a company. This makes them more likely to be a good fit for the company. The interviewing process becomes faster with a candidate pool full of qualified and culturally compatible individuals. Human resources and hiring managers spend less time speaking with individuals who are not a good fit. 

You also spend less time speaking with applicants who may decide that the company isn’t a good fit for them. The individual providing the referral can provide valuable information about the company and possible positions. This is a crucial branding opportunity for the business. Having current employees and associates talk about the company is the best type of branding. There is honesty and authenticity that comes with referral recruiting. This makes applicants better informed of the company and position they are applying for. 

How Referrals Impact Employees

When a company utilizes referral recruiting, employees benefit from higher-quality hires. They can also benefit by having people join the team that they are already familiar with. This makes integrating new people into various teams easier, reduces ramp-up time, and solidifies morale. When employees are happier and like who they work with, they are less likely to seek employment elsewhere. Retention rates will increase, which will lead to a stronger overall team. 

How Referrals Improve Reporting

Hiring high-quality candidates requires a considerable time and money investment. Your human resources team and hiring managers need to sort through hundreds, sometimes thousands, of resumes and applications. This can lead to burnout, lost productivity, and missed opportunities. Referrals can reduce the time and money investment required for quality hiring. It can also reduce the risk of missing out on high-quality candidates. By considering referrals, you reduce the candidate pool. This increases the speed of hiring. Not only is the hiring process optimized, but it can also increase the productivity of the teams your referral hires join. 

Working With Recruiters to Simulate Referrals

Solely depending on employees and industry connections to provide referrals can be limiting. One way you can simulate the referral networking process is to work with a recruiter. The recruiter will seek out possible applicants and do their own screening process. If they find an ideal candidate, they can forward the candidate’s information to the hiring department.

Start Leveraging Referrals to Find Great Candidates

Leveraging referrals is a smart way to improve recruiting efforts while also creating long-term benefits for the company. One way to do this is by creating a referral program to encourage current employees to recommend applicants. Another option is to work with a recruiter or staffing company. This gives you the benefits of pre-screening with increased reach. 


Work with BOS Staffing today to improve your hiring process and increase the quality of your candidates. 

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