The Advantages of Networking for Recruitment

The purpose of corporate recruiting is to find the best talent possible. You want to find people who can fulfill your needs while also fitting in with your company culture. That way, you get the best and ensure the success of your business. Aggressive recruiting efforts can become costly, which can pull valuable resources away from your core business efforts. Consider alternative recruiting methods, such as networking. 

Broader Talent Reach

You have a broader reach when you use networking as a part of your recruiting efforts. There is a reason the statement “it’s not what you know but who” remains relevant. As a company, you need to get your job listings in front of the right people. When networking, you can connect with top industry talent who may not be actively seeking new employment. You also connect with talent who may not use the platforms you advertise on. Or reach talent who may not have heard of your company. 

Trustworthy Referrals

When you network, you get introduced to new people through people you already know or common organization connections. There is an increased level of trust when recruiting through familiar channels. For example, if you know your associate has a prominent reputation for quality, you can trust their assessment of someone they recommend. So, instead of relying on a candidate’s word, they give you a third-party endorsement. 

Reduced Recruitment Costs

Networking is an effective strategy for reducing recruiting costs. Because you make direct connections, you eliminate the expense of paying for job listings or recruiters. You also reduce the cost of candidate vetting. Instead of narrowing down candidates to a shortlist, you already have a shortlist of recommended candidates. 

Ensure Cultural Fit

Candidates who come to the recruiting process through networking better understand the company culture. This helps them come into their new position already understanding the company’s values, ethics, and standards. That way, you don’t waste time recruiting someone who is unhappy with the company culture. 

Stronger Employee Retention

People are more likely to stay at a company when they like the culture and coworkers. What better way to ensure a positive culture and comradery than by encouraging your employees to refer people? By networking with current employees, you build a team that is already familiar with each other. They wouldn’t recommend someone they didn’t want to work with. 

Personalized Approach

Recruiting through networking lets you take a customized approach to hiring. There are times when a cattle call one-size-fits-all approach won’t work. When this happens, you risk missing out on hiring high-quality candidates. When you network to recruit, you take a one-on-one approach. This lets you adapt your recruiting efforts to fit the situation. 

Start Networking to Boost Your Recruiting Efforts

Networking can provide your company with several benefits. It gives you greater brand reach or recognition. This lets you improve recruiting efforts by reaching talented individuals who may not be actively seeking new employment. You can also reduce recruiting effort costs by taking a personalized approach. Then, the individuals you bring on board are more likely to fit in better and stay longer because they are already familiar with your team. 

Contact BOS Staffing and improve your recruiting efforts by utilizing networking efforts.

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