A Step-By-Step Guide to Prepare for an Interview

The interview is your chance to let your personality and knowledge shine. You have the interviewer’s full attention as they ask you relevant questions. Making a strong, positive first impression will help you stand out from the other candidates. Performing well in the interview depends on the preparation you do in advance. 

Research the Company

Research the company online or talk to current or former employees. Press releases can tell you what the company is up to. Employee reviews can tell you about internal challenges and morale. The company website tells you about the service or product offered. Use this information to prepare your answers and ensure you fit the company culture. 

Review the Job Description

Reread the job description and familiarize yourself with what the company is looking for. These points can be used to highlight your knowledge, skills, and experience. You could even discuss these points and explain how you meet the company’s needs. 

Practice Answering Questions

Preparing interview answers will give the impression that you are prepared for the interview. It will also prevent awkward, long silences or an inability to answer a question. You will also have more time to formulate the best possible answer, reducing the post-interview regret.  

Prepare Your Own Questions

At some point in your interview, you will be asked if you have any questions. It is smart to have a few questions prepared. Write down a list of questions if you are afraid of forgetting them. It’s smart to have several questions ready, as some may get naturally answered during the interview. Asking questions makes you look interested and engaged in the interview.

Pick Out Your Outfit

Choose a professional outfit that fits you well and is clean. You should aim to dress slightly more formally than the standard company dress code. If you do not know the dress code, a suit is safest. However, some industries are more formal than others. Use your knowledge of your industry to determine an appropriate outfit. 

Check the Directions

Confirm the address of the interview location and the directions to get there. You can use Google Maps to determine how long it will take to get there. Enter the day and time you want to arrive, and it can tell you when you should leave. Plan to arrive early so that you are not rushed and have a time cushion for unexpected delays. 

Get a Solid Night’s Sleep

You won’t be mentally sharp if you don’t get a good night’s sleep. While it can be challenging, try to go to bed early. Begin winding down about an hour before bed. Set your alarm to give yourself plenty of time to get ready. 

Schedule Your Next Interview

Now that you know how to prepare for an interview, your next step is to schedule an interview. For over 40 years, BOS Staffing has connected people looking for work with individuals ready to hire. Our staffing services help job seekers find employers with opportunities. 

Browse our job listings and apply for a position matching your skills, interests, and experience. 

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