Looking for a Job? 4 Reasons to Use a Recruiter

Applying for jobs on your own is a bit like setting out on a voyage with no directions. You submit your resume and cover letter, hoping for the best but not knowing what to expect. If you use a recruiter, you can have someone on your side advocating for your hiring. Recruiters provide several benefits that can make looking for a job easier. 

1. Application Advocate

Your recruiter wants you to get the job. They have an interest in getting you placed because they earn a commission from the company when they place an applicant. Because they have an interest in your success, they work hard to advocate for your hiring. In addition, many recruiters make their commission based on your annual salary. This means they will advocate for the highest salary possible. 

Your recruiter will advocate for you, increasing your visibility with the hiring manager. It becomes less likely that your application will get lost in a large hiring pool.

2. Experienced Guide and Coach

The company with the available position is the recruiter’s client. A recruiter wants to provide their client with exemplary service by submitting the best and most qualified candidates. To do this, the recruiter will learn everything they can about the company and position. Armed with this information, the recruiter will coach you to be more appealing to the company. Perhaps your resume needs tweaking to address the duties specific to the role. Maybe there is a particular way you should dress for your interview. Your recruiter is your source for all of the information you wish you could have when applying to jobs on your own.

3. Access to Exclusive Opportunities

For many positions, companies offer recruiters exclusive rights. The company won’t advertise the available position with other recruiters or through job listing sites. The only way an applicant can access the job is to go through the recruiter. Developing an ongoing relationship with a recruiter can help them learn more about your knowledge and skills. They may hear of a position you would be perfect for through their networking. You then have access to a position that never hit the market. 

4. Simplified Hiring Process

Working with a recruiter streamlines and simplifies the hiring process. Your recruiter gets your application submission directly in front of the hiring manager. They act as an intermediary that provides seamless communication between you and the company. 

After the application and interview, your recruiter will follow up with the hiring manager. The ongoing relationship between the hiring manager and recruiter gives you unique access to valuable feedback. Based on the feedback, the recruiter can help you improve your resume, cover letter, and interviewing skills.

Work With a Recruiter

If you want to take your career to the next level, working with a recruiter can give you access to exclusive opportunities. An experienced recruiter will provide valuable guidance and coaching to help you prepare. They will advocate for you to get hired and then assist with salary negotiations. This streamlines the hiring process by honing your skills. 

Work with BOS Staffing to find your dream position.

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