Unexpected Ways to Find Quality Candidates

When your current hiring efforts are not producing the desired results, it’s time to get creative. Today’s candidates understand that they are interviewing a company just as much as the company is interviewing them. This means that companies need to find ways to stand out. These unexpected recruiting methods will help your company stand out and find quality candidates.

Social Media

While social media is widely used, not all companies have begun using it for their recruiting efforts. Use your existing social media network to raise awareness of your recruiting efforts. Actively reach out to engaged individuals on social media to start the hiring conversation. You can do this through some of the most popular social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

It’s also effective to target more niche social media platforms. The community may be smaller, but it will be more knowledgeable and engaged. This can yield a higher ROI for your efforts. Consider using Pinterest, Spotify, Tumbler, Twitch, or Discord, depending on your industry.

Host an Open House

Open the doors to your office and host an open house. Or host events at a local establishment. Encourage people to attend and learn about your company, employees, and culture. Don’t treat this like a formal recruiting event. Instead, take a more relaxed approach.

Community Forums

Instead of engaging in person, reach out digitally by recruiting on community forums. Head to websites like Reddit, Quora, special interest, or industry forums. This allows you to get a feel for promising candidates. Look to see their participation level, depth of knowledge, communication style, and ability to collaborate. Then, reach out to individuals who seem to fit your company well. 

Offer Paid Apprenticeships

Attract young and promising talent by offering paid apprenticeships. This allows a high-quality employee to grow and learn with your company. By investing in them, they will invest in your business. You are now recruiting for the long term. Employees who feel a company is dedicated to them are likelier to stay longer. 

Make Applying Easy

Job seekers today utilize all available technology in their job search. So, if your company only uses a single method for processing applications, you are missing out. By offering an easy application platform that works on any device, you increase your odds of attracting high-quality talent.

In addition, reduce the complexity of your application process. Many skilled and high-quality candidates willingly abandon an application if it takes too long or feels redundant. Look for ways to make the application process simpler. For example, an applicant could simply upload their resume instead of requiring them to manually enter all of the information already located on their resume.

Find Quality Candidates

Attract top talent by adding these creative methods to your recruiting efforts. You can engage on a more personal level by reaching out to top talent in unique settings. You can better screen applicants to find the perfect fit for each open position.

Find high-quality candidates with the help of a team of experienced recruiters.

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