How Staffing Agencies Can Help Employers Save Money

Does it seem like recruitment and hiring is one of your company’s most significant expenses? As talent development becomes increasingly time-consuming and expensive, many employers turn to staffing agencies to save on money and labor costs. Your company can benefit financially from outsourcing staffing needs and letting a staffing partner handle all aspects of the recruitment and hiring process. Here are some of the many ways in which staffing agencies can help employers save money:


1) Lower recruitment and hiring costs.

Staffing firms can be instrumental in helping employers reduce various recruitment and hiring costs, especially for companies that are actively hiring throughout the year. Some of these costs include expenses related to job advertising and job board subscriptions; career fair fees; background checks and drug screenings; applicant tracking software; and onboarding programs. Because a staffing firm incurs all these expenses, your company can save thousands of dollars by eliminating all these ongoing costs.


2) Reduced HR personnel and overhead costs.

Staffing firms reduce the need for your company to invest in a full human resources department, essentially serving as an outsourced HR team. A staffing firm will take care of all aspects of hiring – from promoting job openings to negotiating contracts on your company’s behalf. This allows you to cut back on HR personnel, reducing overhead costs related to internal human resources employees. Utilizing a staffing firm as your HR partner can significantly reduce related overhead costs, including full-time salaries and benefits packages, employee payroll costs, and office space expenses.


3) Less employee turnover costs.

The cost of employee turnover can be astronomical, especially if your company is struggling with staff retention. Staffing agencies work diligently to secure the most qualified employees for your staffing needs, evaluating candidates’ backgrounds, credentials, and salary expectations before your company invests in them. When the most talented employees are hired from the start, you’ll experience more excellent long-term retention while decreasing costs related to staffing shortages.


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