Boost Employee Retention with These Work-Life Balance Tips

Most job seekers in the market are increasingly seeking opportunities that value work-life balance just as much as competitive pay. Integrating work-life balance initiatives has become a significant part of most effective employee retention strategies. If your company has been dealing with high turnover, consider how you can improve work-life balance and improve employee retention with these practices:


1) Embrace a hybrid work model.

A hybrid work model is one of the most impactful ways to adapt to employees’ ever-changing lifestyles. In recent years, hybrid models have allowed employees to achieve a better work-life balance in many aspects, affording them more time with family, reduced commute times, and greater productivity and career happiness. Allowing employees to work at home and onsite gives them autonomy and more control over their professional and personal lives.


2) Focus on productivity rather than hours.

Rather than clock the number of hours employees work each day or week, consider tracking their progress by productivity instead. For example, are they regularly meeting deadlines? Do they consistently exceed expectations? Can they expand their roles and take on more responsibilities within the team? If employees are meeting or exceeding expectations, tracking the number of hours they work is not necessary but how they approach their roles is not necessary. By prioritizing productivity levels over the number of hours worked, you can promote more flexibility among employees and give them greater freedom over when and how they complete their jobs in the form of flex hours or a remote work model.


3) Increase support for parents.

In today’s workforce, parents need all the support they can get from employers. As parents are increasingly pulled in many different directions, it’s important that employers understand childcare needs and offer flexibility to both men and women during their child-rearing years. You can provide support to patients in many ways, including onsite childcare services; flexible and remote work policies; and family-friendly benefits (such as parental leave and caregiving leave).


With these practices, you can boost employee retention and create a more appealing workplace for both current staff and potential candidates.

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