Here’s Why Your Firm Should Offer Pro Bono Work

As many job seekers in the legal industry are increasingly seeking employers with mission-based cultures, law firms that offer and promote pro bono work are most equipped to find the best legal talent on the market while growing prosperous and thriving work environments. With many job seekers interested in firms that are committed to giving back to their communities, law firms must prioritize pro bono services. If you’re hoping to ramp up your firm’s workforce this year, here are some ways in which pro bono opportunities can help:


1) Attracting top legal talent.

Often the most ambitious and driven professionals in the legal field are attracted to employers that support honorable causes. Through pro bono work initiatives, your firm can attract more applicants and find candidates that are truly focused not just on their professional success but on contributing their talents and expertise beyond the scope of their jobs. With pro bono efforts helping to attract this type of high-quality legal talent, you can build a culture that fosters connection, inclusiveness, and diversity.


2) Elevated morale.

When you create a culture that values pro bono work, you directly elevate morale within your firm. Elevated morale has multiple benefits for your work environment, including happier staff, better client development, and a strong employer brand. Furthermore, connecting pro bono work with your firm’s mission, and offering your staff pro bono opportunities that align with their own causes, can create a greater sense of purpose among everybody on your team to give back to the community in a meaningful and positive way.


3) Building your firm’s reputation.

Pro bono work can significantly enhance your firm’s reputation within your community in the eyes of candidates, clients, and the public at large. Over time, this will have multiple benefits – generating more candidates in your talent pipeline, improving your overall marketing efforts, and boosting client development. By offering pro bono services, you’ll expand your firm’s network and show your legal team is committed to providing services of goodwill in your local community and region.


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